Adventureland opens the gateway to many exotic locations, the deepest jungles, distant lands of the Far East and deserted desert islands all in one. Only at Disney could you enjoy the tastes, Sights and sounds of so many differing continents all within a short walk of each other. The entrance to Adventureland is a Moroccan style archway its onion domed roofs standing in stark contrast to the brightly colored facade of Main Street. After passing through it guests find themselves wrapped up in a flavour of a bustling Arabian bazaar. Gifts including confectionery, Trinkets, Hand made craft items and Disney themed gifts can be found within the interconnecting passage ways.

The main body of Adventureland can loosely be divided in half. Towards the right hand side of the land guests can get a flavour for life on the high sea, In an area highly influenced by the headliner ride featured here "Pirates of the Caribbean". After queuing through the deepest darkest dungeons guests pass into a tropical grove, Here they board their boats for an adventure into the life of a buccaneer. What follows is a true example of what make Disney so unique. A series of inter linking scenes which include dozens of Disney's famous robotic actors the "Audioanimatronics" who play out scenes including a battle at sea and the burning of a town.

Near to the exit of the ride another pirate landmark can be discovered, "Skull Rock" from the Pirates Cove featured in the movie Peter Pan glares ominously across the lake. Its rugged features look as if they were caused by years of erosion but of course it's just another Disney special effect. Close by Captain Hook's ship is moored proudly flying the Jolly Roger skull and cross bones.

The other side of Adventureland is designed to depict the exotic jungle. Here guests can explore undiscovered jungle paths, Pass huge water falls and bamboo lined walkways. In a hidden clearing are the remains of a recently discovered temple which archaeologists have just begun to explore. Jump aboard one of the mine cars which run around the rickety scaffolding around structure on "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril" the first Disney roller coaster in the world to include a complete inversion.

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A short distance away guests can get bird's eye view, Not only of Adventureland but beyond as they climb the steps of the Swiss family Robinson Tree House. Built by the family in the branches of a Huge Banyan tree when their ship was wrecked nearby. The remains of the ship can still be explored on the shore of Adventure Isle and are just one of the many curious items guests can discover as they wander around the rope bridges and the labyrinth of hidden tunnels which run through the roots of the old tree.

As you cross the bridge into the first land to the left off of Main Street USA, your senses are deluged by the pounding of African drums, the tinny delights of the Caribbean rhythms and the lush landscaping of the South Seas, Caribbean, and Africa. You'll find palms of the Canary Island date and pygmy variety, South African Cape honeysuckle, bougainvillea from Brazil, and Australian tree ferns interspersed with Chinese hibiscus.

Your journey here will transport you to exotic regions, where you'll enjoy the idyllic island paradise flavors of Adventureland. Get caught in the crossfire amidst a pirate battle, sing along to "In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room", cruise through the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa and explore the nether regions of the Swiss Family Treehouse. Shoppers will delight in the treasures to be found in shops found here such as: Elephant Tales, Bwana Bob's, Traders of Timbuktu, Island Supply, Tiki Tropics and the House of Treasure. 

There are no table service restaurants here but El Pirata Y el Perico serves tacos, taco salads, nachos and hot dogs. Cool, delicious refreshments can be found at the Aloha Isle (where the pineapple Dole Whips are fabulous!) and the Sunshine Tree Terrace (for citrus swirls, floats, frozen yogurt, cappuccino and espresso). For those who desire something with an Asian flavor, an egg roll cart offers a couple of varieties, perfect for an afternoon snack.

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