Tom Sawyer's Island  Frontierland
This attraction of 19th century Mark Twain and 20th century Walt Disney is an interactive experience where you climb and explore....

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Tom Sawyer Island combines 19th century Mark Twain and 20th century Walt Disney
...a magical blend of the past in keeping with the Disneyana 2001 theme -

*There have been signs posted along the aforementioned fences to keep guests out of the forbidden areas. Also, there's tagging all over the island, by Disney, indicating certain change within the near future. There's also signs of upcoming refurbishments with tagging all around the island, indicating what will be removed, changed, or covered with soft material.

Tom Sawyer Island might be the most low-tech attraction in any park, but it remains a truly interactive experience. Tom Sawyer Island demands that you participate in order to enjoy the attraction. You have to climb the rocks. You have to explore the caves. You have to imagine. And that's why a great many (sadly uninformed) people can't stand Tom Sawyer Island. You can't just sit back here, a la Star Tours, and let the attraction do all the work for you.

As a result, Tom Sawyer Island tends to attract a great many thinking, literate families. And as a cast member, you can't ask for anything more (well, okay, a salary like Michael Eisner's, but I'm talking realistically here...).

Driving a Tom Sawyer Island raft is, without a doubt, the most pleasurable and satisfying job in the Disney parks. First, you actually must have skill to do this. You aren't just pressing a button - Tom Sawyer Island hosts must learn to pilot a tiller-controlled diesel watercraft with no rail or guidance system beyond your two hands. Second, you have time to talk with people - literate people who have read, or at least heard of, Mark Twain. And finally, supervisors avoid Tom Sawyer Island like they would a tour group of irate personal injury lawyers. Which means that you can do your job in peace.

 Show elements include:  Tom's Landing, Magnetic Mystery Mine, Windmill, Injun Joe's Cave, Playground, Cardiff Hill, Grist Mill, Aunt Polly's, Barrel Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Fort Sam Clemens, Escape Tunnel

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Tom Sawyer Island is a nice place for kids. It is very large and allows them to run around. There are many things to do, but most are not really that fun for teenagers or adults. This island is still a nice place to let your kids roam while sipping a lemonade at Aunt Polly's Landing. On the island there is Fort Sam Clemens with working gun towers, a teetering rock, dark caves, and a mill that plays Down by an Old Mill Stream using its creaks and groans. This attraction is not very accessible to wheelchairs. The only way off and on the island is by raft to and from a landing next to the exit of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I would not reccomend children 5 and under be left alone on the island because there are many dark caves that they would probably be afraid of. All in all, Tom Sawyer Island, although lacking in technology, is a lot of fun for children.

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