Big Thunder Mountain Railroad  Frontierland
This fast moving coaster with sharp drops and turns takes you through an abandoned gold mine in the old west....

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This relatively mild coaster takes you through an abandoned gold mine in the old west. Try the "goat trick," by keeping your eyes on the goat as you descend the second hill for as long as you can. How mild is this coaster? The front cars of the train will bottom out on the third hill before the middle of the train even crests.

1. What is the height requirement for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?
Due to the nature of the attraction, Big Thunder Mountain has a height requirement. After careful study of the ride cars the height requirement was determined to be set at forty (40) inches. This is measured by a Cast Member at the entrance, through the use of a height sign. Many rules at the Walt Disney World Resort are flexible... this one is not. The requirement is created for your child's safety, and no other reason.

How fast does the train travel?
The average speed of the train around the track is 23 mph, with a top speed of 35 mph, through the Spiral Butte. If the train travels too slow/fast through an area it will cause the Computer to initiate an Automatic Emergency Stop (AES).

When are the best times to ride Big Thunder Mountain?
On the basis of show and show only, the best time to ride Big Thunder Mountain would be anytime after sunset. The actual attraction takes on a totally different feel at night.

4. If you want to ride the attraction with the shortest wait and least chance of breakdown, you need to ride on Tuesday morning as soon as the park opens. There are fewer guests in the park and the ride is manned by the most experienced operating crew.

When did Big Thunder Mountian open? Isn't there an anniversary soon?
The first guest was carried on BTM on September 30, 1980. BTM's official opening date is October 1, 1980 and has a Grand Opening date of November 22, 1980.

What are differences between Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland?
There are only four (4) major differences. First is the actual direction the trains run. At the MK the trains run in a counter-clockwise direction, while at DL they run clockwise. Second is the time the attraction takes. At the MK it is a 3* minute trip, while at DL it is a 2* minute trip. Third is the lack of a flash flood scene at DL. Lastly is the position of the stations. At the MK the station is located below the actual line. So guests walk down into the station. At DL the station is positioned above the line, and guests walk up to it.

Where is the Hidden Mickey at Big Thunder Mountain?
Contrary to popular belief there is only one Hidden Mickey at Big Thunder Mountain. It is located in the show scene known as the Avalanche. The Hidden Mickey can only be seen while the work and egress lights are on, so it cannot be seen during normal attraction operation.

So exactly when are the trains supposed to leave the station?
The actual time that trains leave the station varies with the number of trains running on the attraction. The only thing that is constant is the "Old Man's" spiel. When the "Old Man" says, "...hats and glasses." The train should be leaving the station.

What are the names of all the show scenes at Big Thunder Mountain?
The show scenes are as follows:
+ Batcave
+ Grotto
+ Robber's Cave
+ Flash Flood
+ Davie Jone's Mine
+ Big Horn Sheep
+ Spiral Butte
+ Big Thunder Mining Company
+ Abandoned Mine
+ Avalanche
+ Show Effect Doors
+ River Trestle
+ Snow Shed

+ Dinosaur Bones
+ Sulfur Pools
11. What are the train names?
U.R. Courageous
I.M. Brave
I.M. Bold
U.R. Fearless
I.B. Hearty
U.R. Daring

Who is the voice of the "Old Man"?
The voice of the "Old Man" (the voice heard at BTM) is famed Disney voice-over artist Jack Wagner.

What are those neat height certificates all about and where can I get one?
The height certificates are given out to children who do not meet the minimum height requirement. This allows them to redeem the certificate at a later date when they reach the height requirement, and allows them to go to the front of the line. A neat idea designed by a number of hourly cast members, myself being one of them. The certificate was created with Print Shop Deluxe.

When I ride BTM early in the morning or late at night, I hear "Main Side Open" over the PA. What does it mean?
In the slow periods of operation, the attraction only runs out of one station. This is the spur side station. If the train leaves the spur side station too late the tower operator will open the main side. When the tower operator performs this action he/she must inform the station operators by announcing it over the PA.

Which line moves faster... the left or right?
Due to the fact that the wheelchair guests are loaded into the spur side station, the right side line moves much slower than the left.

How do the trains move?
There are three ways in which the trains are moved. Primarily the trains move due to gravity. The second way is by lift chains that lift the trains up the three lifts. The last way is through the use of Linear Induction Motors (LIM). This the same technology that powers the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (The WEDway Peoplemover for all us old timers). The LIMs push an aluminum fin located underneath the ride cars. This is primarily used in the station areas.

15. Where can I buy those nifty BTM boots?
The boots are a Disney exclusive. They are bought from a vendor for DL and WDW only. They are not available outside of the park.

Sometimes I see Cast Members with hats and vests, and other times without. What gives?
The vests and hats may be removed for the summer option costume. Normally this is from May till October.

17. Are there two tracks at Big Thunder Mountain?
There is only one track, but there are two stations. The tracks meet just outside the stations.

(19K)Type of attraction: fast moving coaster with sharp drops and turns

Hang on to your hats and glasses, cause this hereÍs the wildest ride in the wilderness! Race into the wild west aboard this mine train roller-coaster, passing through tunnels and caverns, encountering various animals and dangers along your trek.
This attraction has FastPass.

Sit in the back of the train for a more thrilling ride.

Be sure to catch this ride at night as it's a totally different experience

Genuine mining props include a hand-powered drill press and a 1,200 pound cogwheel that was used to break down ore.

Disney Imagineers searched for items to include as theming for the attraction at swap meets, auctions, ghost towns, and abandoned mines throughout the Western United States.

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