Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management  Adventureland
A Magic Kingdom attraction/show is a reworking of the original Enchanted Tiki Room, which premiered at Disneyland in 1963

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Tiki Room signExperience the zany antics of Iago from "Aladdin" and Zazu from "The Lion King" as they ruffle some feathers in The Enchanted Tiki Room. Under new management, The Enchanted Tiki Room features a witty, upbeat show with several new musical numbers.

The original group of Audio-Animatronics characters continue to star in the show including Jos³, Michael, Fritz and Pierre. "The Enchanted Tiki Room -- Under New Management," which debuted in spring 1998, blends the original cast of characters into a witty, upbeat show that features several new choreographed musical numbers. One song guests are sure to recognize is a stirring rendition of "Friend Like Me," sung by Iago. Another is "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room" song, led by Jos³. Midway through the song, Iago, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried (who provided the voice of Iago for "Aladdin"), interrupts.

Stop the Music!"

Iago rattles a few bird cages when he announces the Tiki Room will house a brand-new show. The straight-laced Zazu warns Iago that any changes to the show will anger the tiki gods. Self-appointed king of the coupe, Iago, refuses to be knocked off his perch. He continues with his renovation plans, scoffing at the tiki gods.

Uh Oa, the tiki goddess of disaster, rises up from the center of the room in a horrible blast of green vapor. Iago's lame-duck defenses cannot save him from the wrath of Uh Oa. She raises her staff and sends a bolt hurling towards Iago. When it connects, Iago mysteriously disappears in a cloud of smoke.

After the tiki gods perform a hip-hop rap number, Iago reappears wrapped in bandages and on crutches declaring the tiki gods the greatest act he has ever heard. He joins Zazu and the rest of the Audio-Animatronics cast for a musical grand finale.


The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management is a Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom attraction located in Adventureland. This is a reworking of the original Enchanted Tiki Room, which premiered at Disneyland in 1963. The premise is that Iago and Zazu are the new owners of the Tiki Room. A cast of audio-animatronic birds, tikis, and flowers -- along with one ticked-off goddess -- provide the entertainment. The outdoor preshow lasts 2 minutes. The main show, inside the air-conditioned Tiki Room, lasts approximately 11- 1/2 minutes, if you stick around to hear all the little exit jokes.

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The preshow takes place outside the Tiki Room. There is a tropical garden with a waterfall. The waterfall suddenly stops flowing, and the wall behind it opens up to reveal William and Morris, who are Iago and Zazu's talent agents. The agents are birds, just like their clients. Note all the bird-related puns.

William and Morris 

Morris: Hey, what're you doin' here, William?

William: What're you doin' here, Morris?

Morris: I just flew in from Hollywood. My client's the new owner of this birdcage.

William: What? Are you cuckoo? My client's the new owner. Disney gave me an exclusive.

Morris: Co - exclusive. Didn't you read your contract?

William: I gave it a bird's eye glance.

Morris: And you call yourself a talent agent? I negotiated my tailfeathers off for this deal.

William: Well, my client does not share credit. He's a very big bird.

Morris: Your client is Big Bird?

William: Not Big Bird. A big bird, you birdbrain.

Morris: Well, your dim little star is now half owner of the Enchanted Tiki Room with my superstar.

William: Think again, chickie babe.

Morris: Stop grousing! Just look at these paying customers waiting to get in.

William: Did you say "paying"?

Morris: As in money.

William: As in ten percent? Hey, who am I to go against the status crow?

(Sound of gong)

Cast Member: I'm sorry to interrupt you guys, but they're calling us inside. Ladies and gentlemen, in a few moments, these doors behind me will be opening into the world of joyous song and island splendors, the Enchanted Tiki Room.

William: Wait! Our clients are not here.

Morris: Maybe they hit traffic.

William: Don't say that.

Morris: Sorry. Anyway, babe, I've gotta fly this coop and migrate back to Hollywood. My birds'll call your birds. We'll do lunch.

William: What's the rush?

Morris: I'm about to sign Donald Duck.

William: Oh yeah? Big deal, you hockey puck! I've got the Mighty Ducks in the wings.William and Morris

Morris: You do not.

William: Do too.

Morris: Do not.

William: Do too.

Morris: Not!

William: Too!

Morris: Not!

William: Too!

Morris: Not!

William: TOO!!!!

Morris: You don't. Come on.

William: Leave me alone.

Morris: Oh ...

William: Do too!

Morris: Oh ...

William: Yeah?

Morris: Come on, William

William: Oh, not! Oh yeah?

Morris: Level with me. Put the bubble between the lines ...

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Main Show

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Cast Member: And now I'd like to introduce you to our master of ceremonies, Jose. ........ Jose's asleep, so on the count of three, everybody say, "Wake up, Jose!" One, two, three --

Audience: Wake up, Jose!

Jose: (yawns) My siestas are getting shorter and shorter. Hey Michael, mi amigo, pay attention, it's showtime!

Michael: So it is. Pierre, you rascal you, let's put on the show!

Pierre: Mon ami, I am always ready to put on ze show. As is my good friend, Fritz.

Fritz: Mein goodness, you're all shtaring at us! Ve better start the show rrrrolling.

Michael: Wait, wait! We forgot to wake up the glee club.


Jose: Ole! Ole! It's showtime!

Click the dot to hear the Tiki SongIn the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room,
In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room,
All the birds sing words and the flowers croon,
In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room.

Welcome to our tropical hideaway,
You lucky people you.
If we weren't in the show starting right away --

Iago: Hey!

Jose: We'd be in the audience, too.

Iago: Hey, stop the music! Are you listening to me? I said stop the music!

(Birds gradually stop tweeting and music stops.)

Iago: What is that? I'm gonna toss my crackers. And these people below me, they ain't gonna like that. Trust me.

Zazu: Iago!

Iago: Well, look what the cat dragged in: Zero!

Zazu: That's Zazu. Be forewarned, Iago, you cannot toy with the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Iago: What're you squawkin' about?!

Pierre: Pardon moi, monsieur Iago, but I am afraid that your friend is right.

Iago: He's not MY friend!

Zazu: Well!

Iago: Obviously, you birds don't know who we are. Don't you guys ever fly to the movies?

Jose: We don't get out much.

Pierre: Oui, oui. We are, uh ... how do you say ... haha, attached to the place!

Iago: Well, don't get too attached, chumps! 'Cause we're the new owners!

Jose, Michael, Pierre, Fritz: NEW OWNERS!?

Iago: That's right. Now listen, you birdbrains, if you're gonna keep your jobs, ya gotta get hip. I know all about it, see?

(The familiar strains of "Friend Like Me," from "Aladdin," begin.)

Iago: Zazu

Click the dot to hear Friend Like Me'Cause I'm a very famous movie star
And all of Hollywood drops my name.
Who cares about Aladdin or Jafar?
I'm the one with all the looks and fame.

I got a million crackers in the bank,
And I plan to get a zillion more!
And you guys will all have me to thank
When they're linin' up at the door.

You are boring Tiki birds.
I'm a big cele-birdy.
That's why I'm gonna go and change your show.
Ain't it great to have a friend like me?

Jose: But seĝor, we've done the same show --

Fritz: Ja, since1963.


My, how time flies.
Get a life, you guys!
You're ancient history.

Can your tails do this?
Can your wings do that?
Can you bad birds sing
In punk or rap?

Can ya rock and roll?
Well, listen here.
It's a whole new world, so ya better get hip,
Or your audience will disappear.

Yes, your show biz magic lamp
Rub me right, I'll set you free.
You've paid your dues, now you birds can't lose.

Ain't it great to have a friend,
Great to have a friend,
You ain't --
Great to have a friend,
Great to have a friend,
You ain't never had a friend like meeeeeeeee!
Ain't never had a friend like me!

Zazu: Iago, pleeeeeeease. The Tiki gods can hear you.

FritzIago: If I hear one more word about those Tiki-tacky, Polynesian, pineapple-pickin', wood-for-brains, MORON Tiki gods ...

(Loud clap of thunder, lights dim)

Iago: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Zazu: That would be the ... moron Tiki gods.

Pierre: Oui, oui. We are doomed.
Click the dot to hear Hot! Hot! Hot!
(begins singing) Doom is in the air.

Fritz: It's good-bye, my friend Pierre.

Jose, Michael, Pierre, Fritz: It's so hot! Hot! Hot!

Pierre: Hey mon ami, oh, the end is plain to see, 'cause it's hot! Hot! Hot!

(Rumbling sound)

Zazu: What -- what was that?

Tiki gods:(chant) Uh-oa, Uh-oa, Uh-oa, oa, oa! Uh-oa, Uh-oa, Uh-oa, oa, oa! Uh-oa!

(The planter in the center of the room begins to smoke, and Uh-oa, the Tiki Goddess of Disaster, emerges.)

Jose, Michael, Pierre, Fritz: Uh-oa! The Tiki Goddess of Disaster!

Uh-oa: Who dares defame the Tiki gods?!

Zazu: Uh ... he did.

Iago: Oh, thank you very much, Zazu!

(Chanting continues in the background.)

Uh-oa: Be careful, my fine feathered little friend! When ya mess with Polynesia, the Tiki gods will squeeze ya!
(singing) You're messin' with me, baby ..

Tiki goddess chorus: Ain't the thing to do ...

Iago: Wait! Some of my best friends are Tiki gods!

Uh-oa: You're stressin' me, baby ...

Tiki goddess chorus: Shoulda listened to Zazu ...

Iago: Gee, look at the time. Gotta fly!

Uh-oa: You can't fly away now, you're stuck!

Iago: I'm stuck!

Uh-oa: I have cursed you for pushing your luck!

Tiki goddess chorus: Bye bye!

It won't help to yell.
You are under my spell.
Look out, parrot!
You're a dead duck!

Iago: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

(Iago is banished with much noise and smoke, and disappears.)

Uh-oa: Aloha! (with an evil laugh, Uh-oa disappears.)

Zazu: Iago? Uh, Iago?

Pierre: Excusez moi, monsieur Zazu. It appears monsieur Iago has (laughs) flown the coop.

Zazu: Oh dear.

Pierre: Perhaps it would be best to let the Tiki gods have their say, ne c'est pas?

Zazu: Right. And now, here they are, the pop idols of Polynesia. The one, the only, the Tiki gods!

(The various Tiki statues and flowers throughout the room begin to move and sing.) Tiki

Tiki chorus:

Click the dot to hear In The Still of the NightDoo doo doo doo
Shoo wop, shooby doo
Shoo wop, shooby doo
Shoo wop, shooby doo
Shoo wop, shooby doo


In the still of the night
I held you, held you tight
'Cause I love, love you so
Promise I'll never let you go
In the still of the night

Tiki chorus: In the still of the night.

Soloist: In the still of the ni-i-ight.

(A Tiki rap begins)

Tiki chorus:

The birdies in the trees
Sing pretty harmonies
These Tiki gods like a lot
So let's all sing like the birdies sing

Tiki goddesses: Tweet! Tweet!

Tiki chorus: Those chicks are hot!

Tiki goddesses: Uh-huh..

Tiki chorus:

The boys in the back are on the cause
And that's because they are macaws
Most little birdies will fly away
But us Tiki Room birds are here every day

(A brief but intense Polynesian chant follows, ending with a very fierce-sounding grunt. At this point, Iago suddenly reappears -- bruised, burned, and bandaged. But still obnoxious.)

Iago: Whoa, smokin'!!

Jose, Michael, Pierre, Fritz, Zazu: IAGO????

Iago: Ha ha!! These gods were the greatest act I've ever heard! This place is gonna be a gold mine. No more worries!

Zazu: (laughs) Well, where I come from, that's called Hakuna Matata.

Iago: Hunky tuna tostada??!! What a stupid phrase! But that's okay, my friend.

Zazu: Your ... friend?

Iago: That's right. And now that we've got a smash show on our wings, LLLLLLLET'S PARTY!!

Michael: Look! Here come the girls!

(Beautiful white female birds descend from the ceiling on an elaborate spinning perch, and begin to sing.)Lady Birds

Lady Birds:

Click the dot to hear CongaCome on birdies, shake your feathers, do the conga.
No, we can't control ourselves any longer.
Get into the Tiki rhythm of a song-a.
This is where the Tiki birds all belong-a now.

Iago: Whoa, yeah, sing it, girls!

Jose: I wonder what happened to Rosita.

Zazu: Oh dear. I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with this type of music to ... get down and get funky.

Iago: Just wing it, Zazzy boy!


Come on birdies, shake your feathers, do the conga.
No, we can't control ourselves any longer.
Get into the Tiki rhythm of a song-a.
Don't you fight it 'til you've tried it. Now the Tikis tweet!

Jose: Everybody ... let's fiesta!

All: To the rhythm of the beat.

Iago: Take it, Pierre baby!

Pierre: Miss Uh-oa saved our show-a when she turned up the heat.

Lady Birds: She turned up the heat.

Zazu: My friend Iago learned his lesson, and now he will be discreet.

Iago: OH YEAH!? That's what you think! Time is money. Everybody, on your feet!Michael

All: Click the dot to hear Get On Your FeetGet on your feet!

Iago: You heard 'em. Stand up, everbody! Up, up, up!

Michael: And now, as long as you're all standin' ...

Jose: We have a wonderful magic trick for you.

Iago: A magic trick?!

Fritz: Ja. Everybody! Face the door, und the trick is, ve're gonna make you all ... disappear.

Iago: Ha ha! Now you birds are gettin' the idea.



Get on your feet.
It's out the door
You go-ha.

On your feet.
On your feet.
Out the door.

Iago: Come on! Everybody out! Migrate, people! Migrate! Burned Iago


Click the dot to hear Heigh-HoHeigh ho
Heigh ho.
It's out the door you go.
We hope you've all enjoyed the show,
Heigh ho, heigh ho.

Zazu: Bye bye now. Cheerio! You've been an impeccable audience.

Iago: Hey kid, that's a real smart idea, walkin' directly under a bird. Good thing you're wearin' a hat.


Heigh ho
Heigh ho.
Just lift your feet and go.
We'll sing the song,
You march along.
Heigh ho, heigh ho.

Iago: Come on! Keep movin'! You've had enough enchantment for one day.

Zazu: Bye bye now!

Iago: Hey lady, it wouldn't hurt you to walk a little faster! .......... Boy, I'm tired! I think I'll head over to the Hall of Presidents and take a nap.

Zazu: Right! Off you go.

Fritz: Wonderful! Wonderful!

Jose: No one laid an egg but me.

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