Astro Orbiter  Tomorrowland
uests soar high above Tomorrowland in Buck Rogers-type rockets surrounded by a colorful array of twirling planets...pilot can control the height and angle of your craft.

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The Astro Orbiter attraction at Tomorrowland.Unless you're between the ages of eight and twelve you should probably just pass this one by.
The Astro Orbiter, located in the Tomorrowland section of
Disney World's Magic Kingdom, is impossible to miss if you happen to be uninformed enough to be looking for it. Upon entering Tomorrowland you'll see it immediately, looking cool and funky and just about irrisistable, sitting high atop the Rockettower Plaza. It's the central focal point of Tomorrowland. Well, snazzy and unique good looks are not nearly enough to save the Astro Orbiter.
If you're willing to get into the long, long line and wait for this dud, then here's what to expect for your troubles:

Most of your wait will be outside, directly under Florida's blazing sun and crushing humidity. Bring water and a book to read. Expect to pass out at least twice. Conveniently, Astro Orbiter sits directly atop the Rockettower Plaza snack bar, so you'll have easy access to plenty of extremely overpriced soft drinks and bottled water. How clever. Three bucks for water??? Ugh, gimme it quick.

For some strange reason this ride continues to be very popular and the line is almost always pretty long. It must be all those pretty, pretty colors and spinning gold rockets that continue to draw the people in like lemmings. If you're waiting while the sun is up then be prepared to bake for about 30 to 60 minutes. The wait time is usually more bearable after sundown and things cool down considerably.

Once inside you'll see that the only way up is via elevator. You and about 2 dozen others will be unceremoniously crammed into one of the two lifts for a short trip to the top. People in wheelchairs will not be permitted to the top unless they are able to leave their chair at the bottom. Once you're up there, you and all the other cattle will be kept in what can only be described as a holding pen until it's your turn to finally ride the rocket. Having fun yet?

Each rocket on the
Astro Orbiter has one seat that holds two people, one in front and one behind. You straddle the seat like a horse. I can only imagine the embarrassment of sitting in one of these things with a stranger. Try to have an even number of people in your group or you might find yourself in very close quarters with a "new friend". There is only one safety belt for the two of you so snuggle up! Okay, now the fun can finally begin, right?

As things finally get moving you'll notice a control lever at the front of your rocket. This lever moves, er, yanks you up and down. Cool huh? No. Being about 30 feet in the air, sitting on a seemingly unsafe bench with a flimsy joke of a seat belt, and being jerked rapidly up and down while spinning in a tight circle is very, very uncool as far as my stomach is concerned. On top of all this, lift yourself too high and you'll find that your rocket tilts toward the center, forcing you to lean over and feel like you're going to tumble out at any moment. Help!!!

Luckily, the ride is very short. About a minute and a half and you're off again. Thank you, where's the exit? Oh, the elevator again. Yipee.


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