Space Mountain  Tomorrowland
features a rollercoaster where you twist, turn, and blast into the eerie blackness of the outer-galaxy past shooting stars and other worldly celestial satellites..

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Space Mountain ride at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.Naturally, with such a famous attraction comes an infamous waiting line. So expect to be on your feet awhile before entering the 180-foot-high landmark dome of Space Mountain. Dubbed "Florida's Third Highest Mountain", Space Mountain is yet another classic ride that should not be missed. Roller-coaster-ride enthusiasts will be disappointed to learn that the ride's top speed doesn't break 30mph, but it feels as if you are traveling at twice that speed as you negotiate twists and turns almost completely in the dark. Special effects like strobe lights and streaking comets create a thrilling ride through the cavernous structure. While you wait in line you can hear the screams of the passengers echo throughout the building. This builds up the excitement, but it also necessitated the building of a ñbail-outî area before boarding. Older kids should have no problem handling the 2 ½-minute ride.

Space Mountain is probably the most popular thrill ride at Walt Disney World. Actually it is probably the most popular roller coaster in the entire world! The unique aspect is your coaster ride is in near total darkness with stars and galaxies swirling all around you. The rocket trains give a great exposed feeling which is intensified more because you sit alone.  There aren't any loops or big drops but lots of quick turns and drops in the dark make a great ride even if it is over 25 years old.  There are rumors that audio which is currently running on the attraction in California may eventually come to Florida's version of Space Mountain.

Top speed of 28mph with a max drop of 18 feet. Dare to be a rocket jockey and blast into the outer-galaxy past shooting stars and other-worldly celestial satellites. Twist and turn in a tumult of fun as you launch into the inky blackness of the nether reaches of space. It's one giant leap for fun!

There are four Space Mountains throughout the world. Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris is actually more similar to the Rock N Roller Coaster than the other three Mountains because it has a launch, three loops, and onboard audio.

Space Mountain

Sponsored by Federal Express, there are allusions to transportation of the future and a whole series of dioramas after you get off the ride, but overall this isn't an integral part of the attraction. There is a general feeling of futurism (this is in Tomorrowland, after all :-) that feels retro rather than realistic.

There used to be two lines for the queue. With the addition of Fast Pass, at least when I was there in February 2001, the right side line was used for Fast Pass users (you know the drill by now, get a ticket, come back later and wait for a shorter time). Because of the use of only one side, the line will often extend out of the building.

Once you're in the building, the queue area is fairly lengthy, but moves quickly past screens and artwork showing space scenes. These are kind of interesting. During a lengthy delay (see below,) you can sit on the central rail with your feet stretched across to the other side.

After the two sides of the queue lines rejoin (which is where the Fast Pass guys will join in,) you get to pick which side of Space Mountain you wish to ride on. The right side seems to be more bumpy and the left side has more curves. Neither side seems to move any faster than the other, and since most people don't know that each side has a different type of ride, you can choose your favourite without penalty.

Once you've picked your side to ride on, you enter a winding queue area that, depending on how many people are in line, may be completely full. I've never seen the whole area in use, though. As you wait in here, there are a number of video monitors showing "news from the future" and commercials (for FedEx, among others.)

Ride particulars

Okay, there's not a whole lot to explain about the ride itself, since it's basically a roller coaster in the dark (end of detailed description :-) Note that each coaster seats six people, one behind another. In other words, you cannot sit in the same seat as your child. Make sure that he or she knows that before you stand in line for an hour!

The ride itself is fairly intense, although the biggest drop is a mere 35 feet and top speed of the coaster is 28 miles per hour. It feels like a much wilder ride because it's in the dark and you can't see what's coming up.

I have sat in most of the seats of the six seater, but haven't detected much difference whether you're in the front or back. I suspect that the cast member would let you pick your seat, but I've never seen the need to ask.

The ride itself lasts less than three minutes and once you're off, there is a lengthy exit (you ride on one of those motorized walkways) which dumps you out near the entrance you came in originally.


This is a fun ride. The darkness adds an element of excitement that you don't have when you can see where you're going. It's the most intense ride that you'll find at the Magic Kingdom, although nothing like the Rock N Roller Coaster at MGM Studios.


This seems to break down a lot. I've never been in the queue (that I can recall) when I didn't hear the old "the ride has been stopped" message come over the loudspeakers. Because of the darkness, it's not as interesting as most of the other attractions at the MK. Whether due to popularity or the frequent malfunctions, this generally has one of the longest waits of anything at the MK.

Tips for Space Mountain

Ride it early, if you really want to get it in, or use Fast Pass. Parades don't seem to have much of an impact on reducing the queue. Because of the nature of the ride, it obviously makes no difference whether you ride this during the day or at night, so making it your last ride of the day may mean a shorter wait. During the last hour of the day, Disney often forces the entire queue to be outside the building, so the huge line may, in fact, be quite short.

If you're not sure whether you want to ride this or not, go on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, a very dull ride which never has a line, but which runs through Space Mountain for a short distance. It will give you an idea of what the ride is like.

Do not ride Space Mountain until you've tried Thunder Mountain if you don't like roller coasters or haven't been on one.

If you're in a group that wants to go on this but you don't and you'd rather not break up the group, wait with them in line and then tell the cast member at the boarding area that you don't want to ride. You'll be directed to the exit where you can meet up with the rest of your group after they're done.

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These photos below were all taken during normal operations without the lights on.  (Apologies for the graininess of the shots - very high film speed)

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Riding on Space Mountain is like blasting off to the stars on a rocket ship. However when there is a line it shouldnÍt bug you. The line is always indoors which will prevent you from getting soaked if itÍs raining or from getting sunburned if it is a blazing hot day in Florida. While on line, there are televisions that make it feel like you are going to blast off to outer space. They talk about time ïtill blast off, how long it will take to get there and how long you will be up there. It isnÍt real, but it feels like you are an astronaut getting prepared for you flight to the stars and back.

Once the car pulls up to the station, you will notice that there is a car attached to the back of it. In reality, there are two cars attached and each car seats three people. Each car is in the shape of a rocket ship.

Once in your seat, strap yourself in with the seat belt as if you are getting into the car. My memory does not show myself putting a harness above my shoulders like rides that go upside down. Then the usually over-friendly staff will come and give your seat belt a good tug to make sure you are strapped in properly and safely.

Into The Darkness -

Then off you will go, up a hill with a small but bright light on the top. Right before you hit that light, you will go down just a bit and make a turn.

The ride is all indoors and pitch black atmosphere. There is a line that goes through every rocket/ car that is glow-in-the-dark so you know where all the other screaming comes from. The ride doesnÍt go upside down and doesnÍt have any steep drops. It is mostly turns and twists. Sometimes you turn while dropping.

The ride lasts for about 2:00 and 30 seconds and is all basically about sharp turns and speed. The cool air makes you feel like you are blasting off into space. I believe you have to be 42î or taller to get on Space Mountain, but I would wait for your child to be at least nine years old. Believe me, small children emptying their not-needed food on the middle of the ride is not needed. However, find the adrenaline side of you and give it a try! It is an experience not to be missed when in the Orlando area.

Space Mountain is a 2 minute, 38 second rollercoaster ride, in a rocket ship, in almost complete darkness. The ride has a space theme. It is designed for those over 44 inches in height. It really is not as scary as it looks. For those of you who may have second thoughts about riding can take a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority . The TTA actually goes inside of Space Mountain, allowing you to take an up close view of the action, without riding the actual coaster.

Space Mountain has changed over the years. It has been the Wildest ride at the Magic Kingdom since 1975! The seats have changed. Each rocket ship has 3 bucket seats. Each person has their own seat, with a lap bar. 2 rockets are hooked together for the trip through space.

The Queue Area has been updated as well, there are Video monitors every 20 feet or so. There is a News broadcast that runs on a loop. It is an inner planet version of CNN.They have the weather forecast for Saturn. They run commercials for rocketships, and they have interviews. It is really cheesy, but king of fun to pass the time.

As you wait in the line you see the Asteroids, Comets, Planets and shooting stars that cover the ceiling. The line splits into 2 sections as you get closer to the boarding platform. Each line has a different track. The tracks are the same, but they are the exact mirror image of each other.So, where one turns left, the other turns right, But the drops are the same.

As you are divided into group of 3, you are fastened into your seat. ( You can chicken out at this point if you want to, there is a special exit).Make sure you take off any loose articles or hats or glasses.

As you rocket begins to travel, it goes through a silver tunnel with strobe lights, there is a mirror at the end of the tunnel, it looks like another rocket is going to hit you, but it is actually your rocket.

Then, you rocket begins the climb up to the control tower, as the countdown begins! You may even see a rocket on the other track. As soon as your rocket reaches the top of the incline, you Blast Off !
This isn't as rough as the Blast off at the Rock n Rollercoaster at MGM Studios, but it is still intense.

You find your self in almost complete darkness, and wondering how you got talked into riding in the first place. You quickly whip around a corner, and then you realize that you are at the very tip top of the mountain, but then as quickly as you can muster up a scream, you drop! This is only the first of 3 big drops. It only gets wilder from there! There are spiral turns, drops, and lots of quick turning motions. And to add to your fear, you don't know what is coming next, because it is Dark And the whole time, your rocket is dodging Comets and Asteroids!

Just when you can't take any more, your rocket whips through a Red Tunnel, and quickly exits for one one spin around the darkness. Your 28 mile an hour trip ends,just in time!

The exit, which meets up with the Chicken Exit, is now sponsored by Fed Ex
You see these futuristic displays of Fed Ex delivery, as you travel along a long hallway,on a conveyor belt.At the end of the Hallway, you can see your self on Video Monitors.

At the exit, there is a HUGE Video Arcade. They also have a small selection of Space Mountain merchandise.

The line for Space Mountain can be up to 90 minutes long in the Peak season. The Fast Pass System is available at this attraction, which allows you to reserve a time to come back without as long of a wait. This may be a good option for you.

Travel Tip Space Mountain often closes for rehab in January. you may want to call (407) 824 2222, before your visit to see if it will be opened.

Contact Lense Wearers If you wear contact lenses, ask not to sit in the front seat. The wind will cause your eyes to dry out, and then they will water, causing them to possibly fall out. It have seen this happen before.

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