Mickey and Minnie's Houses  Mickey's Toontown
Walk through attraction where guests tour Mickey and Minnie's homes....large toon-sized furniture, kitchen appliances, and a great place to beat the heat...

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Mickey Mouse's house in Mickey's Toontown.Right next door to Mickey's House is Minnie's House. Minnie has a much more feminine looking home. Inside you'll find large toon looking furniture and various other items. There is a computer workstation where children can "dress" Minnie, as well as a kitchen with toon-themed appliances Depending on the amount of foot traffic, you may wish to visit this attraction early in the day (especially helpful if you have young ones!).Minnie's house next door.

What better place to visit the "Big Cheese" than his own home? Take a tour of Mickey's home. Inside you'll find lots of fun items, such as oversized "Toon looking" furniture, and various bits of Toon humor. You'll also get to visit Mickey's Movie Barn, which is in Mickey's backyard and view some of his best cartoons, including Steamboat Willie, and The Band Concert. 

Continue "backstage" and you'll get to meet the mouse himself and have the opportunity for taking pictures. A Cast Member will also take a photo which you have the option to buy later at the Main Street Photo Shop. This charming walkthrough attraction will appeal to young children. In case you haven't guessed, Mickey's House is merely a fancy "queue" to meet the Big Cheese himself. 

Depending on the amount of traffic, you may wish to visit this attraction early in the day (especially helpful if you have young ones!). On the other hand, when the weather gets hot, this is a great place to beat the heat, and your child may demand a repeat visit with Mickey. Be sure to have your camera ready for Mickey, because you're only allowed a short time with the Mouse. Don't feel pressured to buy the photo they offer you in the Main Street Photo Store. You can always go back and try to get another shot. 

When taking a photo here, try getting squatting down to your child's level. Also, especially if you have a digital camera, try taking a couple of photos instead of just one.

Minnie's House opened on January 23, 1993. This is where the popular Disney character Minnie Mouse lives. The house is set up for guests to walk through.  There are pictures of Mickey Mouse displayed throughout the house.  Guests will also encounter many interactive elements in this house, especially in the kitchen.

Warm your heart with the sweet charm of Minnie's House. See her lovable decorations, play in her make-up room and see what's cooking in her kitchen. Plus, don't forget to visit her backyard wishing well.

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