The Mad Tea Party  Fantasyland
Guests ride inside oversized teacups from Alice In Wonderland fame... that lets you decide whether to spin wildly or remain gentle...

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The Mad Tea Party attraction at Walt Disney World.Take a whirl on this wonderfully wacky tea party that is right out of The Mad Hatter and the March Hare's "Unbirthday" party in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland." This colorful, musical party ride lets you decide whether to spin wildly or remain gentle. If spinning is your cup of tea, you'll be dizzy with laughter.

The "Mad Tea Party" is a great ride which blends the thrill of a ride with the fun and wacky, and my favorite part of "Alice in Wonderland," the Tea Party!

My family loves rides that spin, so we were all for this one from the beginning! We caught it towards closing, so all the lights were lit up underneath the tent in which the ride is contained in. Our daughter, Kyra, picked out one of the pink tea cups and we all got aboard.

Kyra sat in the middle, as my husband and I snuggled up against her as the Orlando sun was setting and a cool breeze had hit the night's air.

The ride began as teacups on their saucers spun every way, some seemed to look as if they would spin right off and land into Mickey's Toontown close by.

We all hung onto the center of the teacup which helps you maneuver which way you would like to spin. At first out cup was slow, then we hit it at just the right time, and we were spinning like mad! We all laughed and it was great to see how a silly little ride could make a family feel so good to be together.

As we spun, the Door Mouse made his appearance peaking out of the teapot in the center of this attraction. He had his goofy little look on his face that said he was being mischeivious and taking his fair share of tea.

Our tea cup slowly started to come to a stop, while we all looked red from laughing so much. The ride was about 3-4 minutes which sped by, literally!

The lines for this ride have never been long for us, and their is a good amount of tea cups which speeds up your time in line. I would say each Tea Cup holds up to 3-4 people, depending on adult, child, and size.

It is located on the outskirts of Fantasy Land and right across the entrance to Mickey's Toontown Fair. If you are looking to ride the teacups during any of the parades, take the train to Toontown and you will be in close distance to the ride, without trying to walk over thousands of people lining Main Street.

Give this ride a try, but it is NOT for guests who can get Motion Sickness . I also strongly urge that very young children, ages 2 and under, also not try this as the spinning can get pretty intense and their are no seatbelts to hold you in.

Have a great time at the Tea Party and as always, have a great vacation at Walt Disney World!

Unless you go early you will have a minimum half hour to 45 minute wait to get into a tea cup. This ride can only handle a limited number of people at a time. You may want to try it at night when the canopy is lit and the lines tend to be somewhat shorter. Lines over an hour are common.

If you haven't eaten, it is worth at least the 45 minute wait time. You will need some recovery time, so you may want to head to one of the tamer Fantasyland rides when you are done.

Yes, this ride is very much like the Whip or other County fair/amusement park rides. There is just something about having it be tea cups and in the Alice in Wonderland theme that puts the Mad Tea Party a step above. It is an awesome place to take a picture (from inside the cup) as you will get the person opposite of you and all the rest of the world is a blur. The Tea Cups provide two minutes of time when it is just you and your fellow Tea Travelers with all the rest of the tourists and the lines fading to a colorful blur. It is a good time to de-stress from line rage and crowd hating.

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