Snow White's Scary Adventures  Fantasyland
Attraction where guests ride on one of the dwarfs' mine cars into Snow White's adventures as the Evil Queen pursues Snow White into scenes from the animated film...

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Snow White's Scary Adventure attraction at Disney World!Ride on one of the dwarfs' mine cars into Snow White's adventures as the Evil Queen pursues Snow White into scenes from the animated film. Be there as the Evil Queen transforms into a grizzled old hag. Get tempted by the poison apple. Beware falling rocks!

This attraction, one of the original "dark rides" in Fantasyland, tells the story of Snow White, Disney's first full length animated feature. Along the way, the wicked Queen has other plans in mind for Snow White.

  Note: While the title implies the ride may be too scary for children, it's relatively tame.

Snow White's Scary Adventures opened on July 17, 1955, based on the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Originally, the attraction was called Snow White's Adventures. In 1983, the name was change to represent the scary nature of the attraction. Guests travel through the home of the seven dwarfs and the enchanted forest.

Snow White's Scary Adventures is located in Fantasyland.

The ride is based on the 1937 classic film, Disney's first full length animated movie. To ride, you board mine trains like those used by the dwarves in their diamond mine. Each of the cars can seat up to six people, 3 in front, 3 in back. They are all named after one of the dwarves and you will find an image of a dwarf on the front of each one. There are also carvings of the forest animals from the story on the sides of the cars.

The ride was one of the 20 rides available on opening day in 1971. The outside of the ride at the Magic Kingdom is much plainer than the one at Disneyland. It's not as authentic looking. Rather than resembling a castle it's a plain blue trimmed building with a striped roof.

The ride was redesigned in 1994 for more than one reason. Some of the scarier scenes were eliminated due to complaints from parents. Also, the ride was renamed and the word Scary was added. Previously it was called Snow White's Adventures. Adding the word Scary would supposedly act as a warning to parents of young children. The mine cars were also made larger due to problems riders were having boarding them. This wasn't the first time the ride had been changed though. Apparently the first version of the ride was confusing and didn't even feature Snow White. Instead, the riders were meant to believe that they were Snow White running from the witch. People left the ride wondering where the main character was. She was later included in the 1983 renovation.

In 1994, they added better audio animatronics, more scenes with the dwarves, and eliminated some of the scary scenes with the witch. The ride is aimed at a 5-7 year old audience and there are many warnings in the Disney guidebooks as well as at the ride that some scenes may scare young kids. My son was 3 at the time and was not the least bit frightened. He has seen the movie and it's not much different other than feeling more realistic. He actually liked yelling at the Evil Queen to go away. The ride has no height restriction.

After boarding the mine trains, you are transported through the tale of Snow White. Parts of the ride are dark. Much of it has fluorescent color and ultra violet lighting. Like many of the rides here, everything white you have on will glow in the dark. The train is a rough and jerky ride at times.

First you will see Snow White singing with the birds. You will enter the castle and see the magic mirror on the wall. A skeleton in a cage alerts you of danger and soon the witch appears. She transforms herself from wicked queen to an old woman. You get to see her devise her evil plan and prepare the poison apple. Snow White is chased into the woods by huntsmen. Loud thunder and lightening crashes. The trees are scary like the ones in the Wizard of Oz and their branches are made to look like arms. The alligators in the water swim up to your cart as well and the witch tries to drop a giant rock on your head. Doors open very close to the car as you approach.

Next there are more peaceful scenes as Snow White meets the dwarves singing and dancing in their home. She moves in and escapes the queen for the time being. Before long, though, she meets the old woman who gives her the poisoned apple. She is shown in her glass box awaiting a kiss from the prince. There is also the happy ending, of course.

This ride does not have FastPass. It's not nearly as crowded as most of the other Fantasyland rides though.  The ride is 2 minutes long.

Since the name is Snow White's Scary ride, some parents might incorrectly think the emphasis is on Snow White and not scary. If you think about it, most of the scary parts of Snow White involve the witch, so the connection of the ride to the story is logical. Snow White in and of herself wasn't too scary. Now if she had decided not to play the helpless damsel waiting for a man to rescue her that might be considered scary by some.

You travel on a track through the ride. It is shaped like a mine car and I believe it sits 4 people (two in the front and two behind). You get pulled along in the dark and see some of the scary scenes from the movie. Every now and then that pesky witch pops out - most times you can see it coming, but it might freak some youngsters.
The name of this ride says it all, Snow White's Scary Adventures. This Fantasyland Attraction is based on the Movie Snow White.

It was rehabbed in 1994, to include the Snow White Character, and to make the Mine Carts larger. It was more scary, than it is now, but due to the complaints of parents, it was toned down, but it still is scary.

You hop into Mine Carts, with 3 benches in each car. Each Bench fits 2 or 3 people. The front of Each cart has the name of a Dwarf.

As you enter the Story, you see Snow White, sitting by the Wishing Well, singing to the birds.
The, you enter the Castle, where you see the Mirror on the Wall.
You then see a Skeleton , locked in a jail cell. Next, the Witch makes her first appearance. She appears a total of 5 times in the ride.

Snow White is chased into the Woods. There is loud Thunder and Lightning, The Trees have arms for branches. The Logs in the Water are made to look like alligators, and they come right up to your cart. The Witch even tries to drop a big rock on your cart!

You travel through the forest, and into the home of the 7 Dwarves. They are singing and Dancing. Snow White meets the Dwarves. She takes care of there home in the forest.

The Witch, disguised as an old lady visits Snow White, she gives her a Poisoned Apple. The Apple has a Spell on it.

You see Snow White, on top of the Coffin. The Prince Kisses her, and we have a Happy ending.

As you exit, Dopey waves goodbye to you.

There is a Hidden Mickey in the Waiting Queue area. Look on the Clothes line in the Mural. On the pair of Boxing Shorts, one of the Red Hearts is actually, a Mickey Mouse Head!

This nice little ride is the abridged version of Disney's "Snow White."

You ride a mine car through the "Snow White" story, which is illustrated with wonderful ride effects and great recreations of all of the SW characters.

Two of the best effects in this ride revolve around mirrors. The first is the magic mirror. The Magic Kingdom creators recreate the animated mirror in such a way as to give anyone a brief chill. Yes. Yes. It's down right scary. The other effect is when you come upon the wicked queen looking into the mirror. You can see her reflection, but when the animatronic doll turns around she's the scary old woman who give Snow the apple. It's great!

One other little detail, which I enjoyed, was the skeleton in the dungeon reaching for the water cup. I like this one because it's my favorite part of the movie. As it happens in the film... the queen is excited and happy (in an evil way of course) and she walks by and says "Thirsty?... Have a drink." as she kicks the cup towards the skeleton. Absolutely the funniest part of "snow White." I was so glad they included this in the ride.

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