Dumbo The Flying Elephant  Fantasyland
Attraction where you fly along with Dumbo as he discovers his ability to soar using his oversized ears. Spin around the circus ring as you control how high or low to fly...

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Dumbo The Flying Elephant attraction found in Fantasyland.One of the classic FantasyLand attractions, Dumbo, The Flying Elephant is a childrens ride which is generally enjoyed by kids in the 2 to 7 year age group, and as such is often very popular with a fairly long queue.

The ride was inspired by the 1941 classic animated film, and lasts around 2 minutes.

Functionally the ride is very similar to the Astro Orbiters, with a number of ride vehicles circulating around a vertical pole, with each ride vehicle having the ability to rise or descend, controlled by the guest using a lever in the vehicle.

The best time to visit the ride is usually either very early on, or alternatively while the afternoon parade is on, when most people prefer to watch the parade than ride the attractions.

"Dumbo the Flying Elephant" I feel is one of those rides that should be required for Disney fans of all ages to partake in.

The line for this ride was our longest line in Disney World, not the Magic Kingdom, ALL of Walt Disney World! THIS is how popular this ride is! There are only a small number of Dumbo's, so the the line moves quite slowly. The line is located under an awning so it gives you a break from the hot sun and any rainy weather, although I am pretty sure Dumbo is shut down in dismal weather.

Timothy Mouse, and his famous feather that helped Dumbo believe he could fly, are the center of the attraction, keeping an eye over all the Dumbo's.

Dumbo is about a 2-3 minute ride, which I feel should be longer because of the long wait, but I understand that they need to give everyone a turn in a day's time.

This ride is located right next to Cinderella's Golden Carousel and kiddy corner from "Ariel's Grotto" in which you can meet Ariel herself and have your picture taken with the famous Mermaid!
If a Disney visitor has a young child, they are going to be riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride. There's no use in resisting. It will be futile, indeed. This is an all time favorite of children 9 and under.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is located in Fantasyland. Once you go through Cinderella's Castle and pass Cinderella's Golden Carousel, you will see it. There are numerous Dumbo elephants wearing colors of pink, blue, purple, and yellow. The visitors enter the platform and choose the Dumbo they prefer. Children will know which one they prefer..trust me.

Once the preferred Dumbo is chosen, the rider climb in and fasten a seat belt around them. Dumbo will sit one or two people. An adult and two smaller children could also fit. Everybody is seated, and it is time for the ride. It slowly begins to rotate around the center access.

Adults, seniors, teen, children, and preschoolers love this ride. Preschoolers are not phased by Dumbo in the least. I am horrified of heights and didn't care for it (childhood trauma). Fortunately the last two times to Disney, I was pregnant and opted out with pride.

If one has children, they are going on this ride. Face it. It's a fact. And they will want to go again and again. The best time to ride it is first thing in the morning. Go to the park as early as you can and dart straight to Dumbo. Ride it once and get back in line to ride again. The children will want to anyway. After riding it a couple of times the line will begin to form, and the wait for the remainder of the day is 45 minutes on average. If it is missed in the morning, wait until close to closing and ride it. Sometimes, as people flock to leave the park, visitors can sneak in a couple turns before they shut it down.

If the premium early morning is missed, and visitors are forced to wait in line, have you autograph books handy. Many Disney Characters visit Fantasyland during the day. They will happily sign autograph books. Collecting Disney character autographs is a lot of fun, so don't miss out.

Months after visiting Disney with a preschooler, the one thing they all seem to remember is Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride. Create some memories with your little ones and take them on this. Don't forget to take a picture too.

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