Cinderella's Golden Carousel  Fantasyland
ntique carousel is very beautiful and glimmers with lights viewable through Cinderella Castle, features classic Disney music and paintings from the movie of the same name...

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Cinderella's Golden Carousel attraction!Cinderella's Golden Carousel is a pleasant ride. This antique carousel is very beautiful and glimmers with lights viewable through Cinderella Castle. Named for the poor "Girl of the Ashes," this attraction features classic Disney music and paintings from the movie of the same name. Cinderella's Golden Carousel is located in the middle of Fantasyland as soon as you exit The Castle. Don't worry about this one if there is any sort of a wait.

Located more or less directly behind the main castle, Cinderella's Golden Carousel features ninety hand-painted wooden carousel horses, whirl about the traditionally styled fairground "Merry-Go-Round" to the tunes from a calliope.

Although a very traditional attraction the carousel is always a major crowd pleaser in the various Disney parks, and attracts long lines at times, however with its relatively short ride duration, and large capacity queues don't usually last for long.

Go round and round on one of 90 galloping steeds impeccably cared for by Disney cast members.  Listen to music from famous Disney animated films.  Rarely much of a line and what a delight it is!

 This is one of the best carousels to be found in any theme park.  All of the horse are white but each one is unique and have different poses and expressions.  The ride itself is fairly slow but still decent as far as carousels are concerned.  The carousel itself is decorated with scenes depicting the story of Cinderella. 

The Carousel is in Fantasyland. It is nestled in between The Dumbo Ride, and The Legend of the Lion King Show, It is right in front of the Snow White ride. As you wall through the castle, from Main Street, you can't miss it. It will take your breath away. You really feel like you are at Walt Disney World, when you get your first view of Cinderella's Golden Carrousel.

All of the Horses on Cinderella's Golden Carrousel are painted White, because they are all Good Horses!(Like the good guys, in Western movies always wear white cowbay hats) No two are exactly alike. There are 90 horses on the carrousel at a time. They are arranged in 5 rows. The smaller" kid friendly" horses. are situated in the center, near the mirrored covered centerpiece. The horses increase in size, each hose is a little bit bigger, as you go from the inside lanes to the outer lanes. The horse on the outside if the carrousel are the same size as real horses.

As you ride, you are treated to old fashioned Calliope music. Some of the songs are, Colors of the Wind, from Pocahontas, Whole New World from Aladdin , When You Wish Upon a Star, from Pinnochio, and Topence a Bag, from Mary Poppins. The ride, only last about 2 minutes. There is rarely ever a line of more than 5 minutes.

Even though this was one of the Original rides when the park opened in 1971, the carrousel did not originate at Walt Disney World. The Carrousel was purchased from Olympic Park in Maplewood New Jersey. It was built in 1917, making it the oldest Disney Attraction in the World!

Some of the original horses are still in operation, but some of them had to be replaced with fiberglass duplicates.

Each horse takes 48 man hours to paint. Two of the Horses are repainted or refurbished each night.

The brass poles are polished each night.There is a special crew, that is devoted to this task.

In 1987 , 18 scenes from the movie Cinderella were painted around the canopy of the Carrousel.

The carrousel may seem like a kiddie ride, but years after your Disney trip is over, I bet that the carrousel ride will be one of the best memories that you will have.

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