Peter Pan's Flight  Fantasyland
Sail away aboard a flying galleon and follow Peter Pan on a whimsical journey into Never Land...

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Well, your wishes can come true when you follow Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John on their fantasy trip from London, England, to Peter's home in Neverland. "Peter Pan's Flight" is the best ride set within the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland area. It has all of the magic and fun of the Disney animated classic film and shares it with each and every visitor. During this 6-7 minute slow-mover attraction, visitor get to board their own flying pirate ship and set sail with the boy-who-will-never-grow-up, Peter Pan, and his friends. Your ride car, or ship, travels along a track suspended overhead, adding to the "flying" illusion as you twist and turn your way through Neverland's hotspots, being sure to avoid the sinister Captain Hook, his pirate crew, and the wild indians.

Beware of approaching cannon balls, as, on your approach into Neverland, Hook commands his first mate, Mr. Smee to blast you out of the sky. Look out over all of Neverland and you get to see things such as the Lost Boys' hideout, the mermaids in the lagoon, and the Tick-Tock-Croc. Share in the adventure as Peter rescues Wendy, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys before they're made to walk the plank. Then, finally you can heave a sigh of relief as you're safe from Hook, who is trying his hardest to avoid being Croc-food.

Young and old alike can have a great time in this attraction, as it brings to mind the fun memories of this classic animated film. It's a good thing this is a FastPass attraction because the lines for it usually are pretty long for the majority of the day, and for good reason. It's very relaxing, has some pretty good animatronics, and you'll find yourself humming the song "You Can Fly" for quite a while after your last ride. It's very good for young children as there's nothing about it that could really scare them and they'll be taken in by the illusion of flight. For those of you interested in the detail of the attractions, there's some impressive stuff to be found here. Pay attention after you leave the Darlings' nursery and fly over nighttime London. Looking down, the city appears tiny beneath you, yet you can see Big Ben, the London Bridge, the Thames River, and even the cars running along the city streets.

If you only do one ride in Fantasyland (and it's doubtful anyone would do just ONE), be sure and take in "Peter Pan's Flight". It's a lot of fun and a return to your childhood.

 Height Requirement:-None     Speed Of Lines:-Slow    Duration:-Just Under 4 Minutes   Recommended For Ages:-All

Description Of Vehicle-3 Passenger Flying Pirate Ship

The ships fly on a cable. The ride begins on a track and enters an interior area that is very dark. The ship flies over Neverland and the entire story is covered during the trip. This ride is said to be the most true to its namesake. You really feel like you are part of the story. My son seemed scared at first but once the ride was in motion he calmed down and enjoyed the trip.

The ship will first take you over the nursery of the Darling children, Wendy, Michael and John. It takes you out of the nursery window and suddenly you are ˝outdoorsţ. The dog in the yard wishes to come along.

Over the city of London, you will see London Bridge and Big Ben. The road below has cars with honking horns. Next, Peter Pan can be seen flying with the children.

Before long the journey takes you to Neverland. You═ll see an Indian pow-wow, Lost Boys, a volcano and even mermaids. The ride remains dark throughout with only the scenery visible. Captain Hook and his pirate ship come into view and there is an altercation. There is a battle between him and Peter Pan and of course Peter prevails. A crocodile even comes and tries to swallow Captain Hook.

As you board into a 3 person Pirate Ship, you are wisked away into the Nursery of the Darling Children, Wendy ,Michael and John. Wendy is telling the boys a bed time story,as the children see the shadow of Peter Pan on the Wall.

As you FLY out of the Nursery window, you find yourself in the backyard. Nana, the nurse maid St. Bernard begs to come along.

The next part is my favorite, your ship takes you high above the City of London England. The attention to detail amazing. There is the Big Ben Clock Tower and London Bridge. You can see the road ways, with moving cars on them. You can even hear the horns of the cars. As you pass by the Moon, you can see Peter flying with the Darling children.

Just around the next turn, you enter the real NEVERLAND! WOW! It is just like you are one of the Lost Boys. There is a Mermaid Lagoon, an Indian Pow Wow, the Lost Boys, and a Volcano. The lighting is almost black, but the animatronics are painted with florescent paint. This part is a bit 70 ish, but it still a great effect.

As your ship nears the Pirate Ship of Captain Hook, we see that the kids are in trouble, the Lost Boys are all tied up, and Mr Smee is trying to make Wendy walk the plank.

Peter Pan saves the day by battling Captain Hook.A sword fight is played out right in front of you. The children and the Lost Boys are rescued. HORRAY!

As your ship leaves Neverland, we see Captain Hook in a bit of a dilema.He is caught between the teeth of the Crocodile. Never Smile at a Crocodile!

This ride is so great, that you almost forget that you are at Walt Disney World. You really feel like you are in the story.

If Peter Pan's Flight is one of the attraction on you MUST RIDE list, go there the first thing in the morning. Also, during the Parades and Fireworks, the lines will be shorter.

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