The Haunted Mansion  Liberty Square
This attraction features a walk and eventual ride into a deteriorated old manor filled with scares and surprises! One of the most eerie and frightening Disney rides....

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999 happy haunts live in this mansion, but there's always room for one more....any volunteers? So begins the eeriest and one of the most frightening Disney rides. Guests board large "doom buggies", a mixed-up nickname for the Disney Omnimover system, which take them on a tour of the deteriorated old manor. This ride is more humorous than frightening, so it's safe for small kids. Even so, there are many surprises and a few scares, making this one of those rare rides that pleases almost all age groups. Now, if you think you're ready, we can ride the Haunted Mansion!

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The Ride
Guests walking up to the large mansion hear wolves howling in the distance and see a glass coffin out in front of it with several dead roses resting on it. The line, which is under a canopy to protect guests from inclimate weather, starts to the left. Situated along the left edge are tombstones with humorous epitaphs that bear the names of some of the Disney Imagineers that helped create the ride. At the end of the line is a side door into the mansion, where a servant lets you in. The walls are filled with pictures of people whose eyes seem to follow you, and over the fireplace is a portrait of a young man who fades away before your very eyes to a grisly skeleton. The servant then shows you into a circular room that has several pictures of nice-looking people, including a rosy-cheeked lady with a parasol. Surprisingly, this room contains the most frightening part of the attraction. The door closes and your invisible ghost host greets you, then draws your attention to the fact that the room is actually stretching. This allows you to see the rest of each picture, showing each person in a perilous situation. The lady is now balanced over a pit of crocodiles on a tight rope. It is then that you notice the room has no doors or windows, and your ghost host offers you this "chilling challenge": to find a way out! "There's always my way," he offers, and with that the lights flicker out and there is a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning as you see high above you the former body of the ghost host hanging from a rope. The lights return to normal and a panel slides back to let you out into the boarding area. Here you board your doombuggy and start your tour. You see skeleton hands reaching out through doors and door knockers being worked by invisible apparitions. You slip through an eerily deserted library with busts on the shelves that turn to stare at you. You creep past seemingly endless hallways containing floating candelabras, and through a room smelling of flowers with a coffin occupied by an unhappy prisoner. You pass a demented grandfather clock stuck on thirteen o'clock. Your host tells you that 999 "happy haunts" live in the mansion, but that there is always room for one more. "Any volunteers?" he invites. The tour progresses into the seance room where musical instruments mysteriously float and the disembodied head of fortune teller Madame Leota inside a crystal ball chants to make the ghosts appear to the guests. You come onto a balcony that overlooks a ballroom where you see transparent figures eating, dancing, and playing an organ. In the attic you see a weeping bride with a glowing heart shining through her gown. Your doombuggy turns itself backwards as you descend the roof outside to the graveyard, where spirits shoot skyward from their open graves while a group of musical busts sing the ride's theme, "Grim Grinning Ghosts". You reenter the mansion You know it's over when the fat lady sings, and a doll-sized version of Leota urges you to, "Hurry back...Make final arrangements". Your host warns you to beware of hitchhiking ghosts. While passing a set of mirrors at the end of the ride, you notice a silly spook sitting with you in your car....

The History
The history behind this ride is as strange as the mansion itself. In the 50's, Walt Disney started assigning people to a new project. He wanted to have a haunted house attraction in his new park, Disneyland. Many of their ideas were of an attraction very different than the one we have today. It was to be a walk-through tour, and guests were to be led by a butler or maid who would tell the now lost story of the mansion (more about that later) as they walked through each scene. While concepts for the inside of the attraction were being developed, work began on the outside of it. By 1963, the mansion was fully built, but details for the attraction were still not decided upon. Imagineers decided it would be more practical to use a ride system to move guests about, and made many other substantial changes to the flawed concept of the mansion. Finally, after six years of curious guests coming up to the manor only to find the gates tightly shut, the Ghost Host showed it's first "foolish mortal" through the ghostly halls of the Haunted Mansion.

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