Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue and Medicine Show  Liberty Square
This sit down stadium attraction offers wacky, whimsical Old West humor and a variety of acts that ensures no guest sees the same show twice....

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Come on in and sit a spell or mosey along after the first act. Either way, the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue and Medicine Show offers wacky, whimsical Old West humor and a variety of acts that ensures no guest sees the same show twice.

Since the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, the 300-seat Diamond Horseshoe Saloon has been an entertainment hot spot. Previously, as the Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree, reservations were required to see the show. Now, the show has been revamped to include several acts separated by musical interludes that allow guests to come and go as they please.

"We really wanted the revue to have a casual, informal feel," says show director Chris Oyen. "We also wanted it to be spontaneous."

As the revue opens, the audience is greeted by one of the showÍs two hosts -- Wildcat Kate or Dr. Bill Ya Later. What happens next is different in every show. Guests may see one or three different acts, depending on when they go.

Some will be treated to a "traveling troubadour of the Old West" -- a singer who accompanies himself on banjo or guitar -- who strolls through the saloon, talks to audience members and leads sing-alongs.

Some shows feature a Wild West magician performing astounding tricks and sleight-of-hand with the help of the audience and the house piano accompanist.

Rounding out the repertoire is the saloonÍs featured singer and her two dancing girls, "Miss Lucille Lamour and Her Lovely Ladies." They perform a variety of dances, including the can-can, clog stomp and other saloon numbers. Miss Lucille and her girls also banter with the guests, and some lucky guy may even find one of the beauties perched on his lap.

"ItÍs a musical variety show thatÍs playful, fun and hopefully recreates the spirit of the Old West," Oyen says. "ThereÍs always something happening."

The 45-minute revue and medicine show can be seen five times daily at the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon at the Magic Kingdom.

Food, fun, laughs, music and dancers. It is a great place to drop in for a snack and a show. The show is hilarious. It is an hour long but you can walk in at any point, and that's a good thing to know when you need to get out of the heat for a hoot. Be sure to check out this cool and occasionally sidesplitting Wild West dance hall saloon.

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