Frontierland Shootin' Arcade  Frontierland
This attraction features rifles that are chained down, and work on infrared signals. Aim at various things - window, a door, a buzzard, a can, a gravestone, and shoot....whistles go off, trains roll on, noise is made and sometimes a voice says, "Good shooting, pardner." ....

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Frontierland Shootin' ArcadeLooking for something for junior to do while everyone goes on Splash Mountain? Well, the arcade is a fun way to spend some time. The rifles are chained down, and work on infrared signals. As you aim at a window, a door, a buzzard, a can, a gravestone, and shoot....whistles go off, trains roll on, noise is made and sometimes a voice says, "Good shooting, pardner."

The arcade is shaded, and is right next to the Bears' Jamboree. Anyone can do this, but you need to be strong enough to hold the gun up. This is an unexpected little thing to do, that really is a good break from the action.

With so many of the rides at Disney having height requirements, the Frontierland Shooting Arcade is one of the few attractions at the park that is fun for everyone including the vertically challenged youngsters you may have with you.

I am pretty sure that when I was a kid the rifles that you use at the arcade shot steel BBÍs but todayÍs guns use infrared beams to gain the same effect. Basically what you do here is point, aim, shoot, and enjoy the show that happens if you hit your target.

You can choose from a variety of things to shoot at. Tin canÍs, gravestones, a dirty old crow sitting on a branch are a few examples of what your targets are. One of my favorite targets has always been a tree stump that when you shoot it, a possum comes up out of the stump and makes a funny sound. In fact almost anything you hit at the arcade will emit a sound effect that will generally make you laugh.

The only problem that I have found with the arcade at times is the same one that you would find in any traveling carnival, often the rifles sights are off by a pretty sizable margin. This can be quite frustrating for the little marksman in your family and has bruised many adult males egos through the years.

Overall I give the Frontierland Shooting Arcade high marks as a juvenile way to pass the day away or keep your vertically challenged children busy while the rest of the family is on another ride.

-the old Frontierland Shootin' Arcade used real lead pellets, and because of the pellets chipping off paint they had to repaint the attraction every night, so they ended up using 2000 gallons of paint a year!

The FrontierLand Shootin' Arcade is a traditional Tombstone Arizona style shooting arcade. Gun positions overlook Boothill, complete with cemetary, jail, hotel and bank. The very real looking hunting rifles are actually genuine .54-calibur Hawkins buffalo rifles, which have been refitted to shoot infra-red beams of light rather than pellets.

The are 97 targets to shoot at, and each reacts to being hit. Tombstones either rise, spin, sink, or change epitaphs. A ghost rider gallops across the sky when the cloud is hit, whilst a skull pops out of it's grave when a bullseye on a nearby gravedigger's shovel is hit. The arcade has screaming ricochet's and howling coyotes provided for good measure courtesy of the sound system.

There's a 25-cent charge per play for the Shootin Arcade, to help stop people hogging it.

The Frontierland Shooting Arcade is not really an attraction, but is definetely worth seeing. It is a small store front row of rifles and targets. The targets animate something when they are hit with the infared buffalo rifles. This game costs 50 cents for about 15 shots (I think). It is very fun and a nice cool place to rest and practice your aim. The Frontierland Shooting Arcade is located on the left near the entrance to Frontierland from Liberty Square. It is sort-of tucked into a small courtyard and is dark. There are no doors to get inside. You just walk up, pop your quarters into the coin slots and fire away.

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