The Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour  LOCATED MICKEY AVENUE
A 35-minute explosive tour demonstrating the many aspects of moviemaking...

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MGM Studios Backlot Tours in OrlandoThe Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour is a truly fascinating experience that shows guests many aspects of movie making. The first stop on the tour is a special effects set. Two guests, selected before the tour starts, are used to demonstrate how natural disasters and waterborne scenes are created on a studio set. The first guest is put at the helm of a small boat called "Miss Fortune", and then pummeled with gigantic waves, simulating a storm scene on the high seas. The second guest is put on top of a submarine and bombarded with pryotecnics, simulated depth charges, and torpedo blasts to produce a sea battle. Fortunately, the two guests are wearing rain coats because they get very wet. Next, guests board a comfortable tram that first passes through a tunnel where guests get to see real working television and movie production departments. The viewable departments include the enormous wardrobe department, and the camera, props and lighting departments. After exiting the tunnel, the tram turns onto a lovely residential street where exterior shots are done for movies and television shows. The houses, which are just facades, include "The Golden Girls" house and the house from "Empty Nest". The tram then passes by a huge array of vehicles used in Disney movies and television shows. Guests also get to see Walt Disney's private plane. The most exciting part of the tour, Catastrophe Canyon, is up next. The tram pulls onto a huge set made to look like an active oil field in the middle of a rocky desert canyon that is supposedly being used for filming. The tour guide says it's okay to tour, because they aren't filming today. As soon as the tram stops though, someone yells "Action". Suddenly, the ground starts to shake and dozens of fires erupt a few metres from the guests. Just as a huge tanker truck is about too explode, the canyon set is drenched by a flash flood with a somewhat scary amount of water. Then, everything stops and the tram drives around the back of the set, revealing the superstructure of the canyon set and the enormous tanks used to store the water. The tram then drops off guests at the American Film Institute Showcase, where costumes, props, and set pieces used in recent and classic movies and television shows are on display.
Interesting and little known facts
-Catastrophe Canyon lets loose enough water to fill 10 olympic-size swimming pools in a matter of seconds!
-the air cannons, used to shoot out water in Catastrophe Canyon, could shoot a basketball over the Empire State Building!

Guests with any mobility concerns should proceed through the standard queue. Guests using wheelchairs should stay to the right when entering the attraction and proceed to the designated entrance gate. Notify a cast member for boarding instructions. Guests may leave their wheelchairs ( which will be folded and loaded onto the shuttle) or ride in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. 
For safety and comfort guests should be in good health and free from heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this ride. Guests may get wet when passing through catastrophic canyon.
You're in for an explosive, star-studded experience at the Disney-MGM Studios, where every Guest has a starring role. Here, the spirit of Hollywood is captured in lights, cameras, and a whole lot of action. With stunts and special effects, spaceships and stage shows, movie magic comes to life in this working studio that puts you both in the scenes and behind the scenes. Enjoy celebrity status for a day of non-stop fun, thrills, and spectacular entertainment.
Just about everyone has heard of Catastrophe Canyon but how many knew that is not the name of the ride? That's what I thought when I first went looking for it. It's the Studios Backlot Tour and you will find it if you walk along to the right of Mann's Theatre, home of The Great Movie Ride , pass by 1,001 Dalmatians (they had puppies) and look for Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour on your right.
Everybody wants to see Catastrophe Canyon but there is more to this tour than the excitement at the Canyon. On entering The Studios Backlot Tour, you walk to a demonstration of movie special effects where you stand to watch the show. A few minutes later you board trams for a tour which takes you around through some of the wardrobe buildings, topiaries, and a growing collection of vehicles used in various Disney movies.
After the explosive and moving Catastrophe Canyon, it's off to see the Residential street where you may recognize some of the tv and movie homes. You may not recognize them, either, but that's okay because, all trip long, your tram driver will tell you more than you could possibly remember.

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