Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular  INDIANA JONES AMPHITHEATER
A dramatic 30-minute explosive show set in a theatre, demonstrating and re-creating many scenes from the Indiana Jones series...

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Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular attraction at Disney MGM StudiosVisitors get a peek into the world of movie stunts in this dramatic 30-minute show, which re-creates major scenes from the Indiana Jones series. The show opens on an elaborate Mayan temple backdrop. Indy crashes onto the set via a rope, and, as he searches with a torch for the golden idol, he encounters booby traps, fire and steam, and spears popping up from the ground. Then a rolling boulder chases him! The set is dismantled to reveal a colorful Cairo marketplace where a sword fight ensues, and the action includes virtuoso bullwhip maneuvers, lots of gunfire, and a truck bursting into flames. An explosive finale takes place in a desert scenario. Theme music and an entertaining narrative enhance the action. Throughout this, guests get to see how elaborate stunts are pulled off. Arrive early and sit near the stage if you want a shot at being picked as an audience participant. Alas, this is a job for adults only.
One of the greatest films ever written and brought to the big-screen comes to life once more in this action-packed adventure that that is full of special effects. The presentation takes place in a 2,000-seat amphitheater (keep this in mind when you first face the enormous waiting line). The show begins with a reenactment of the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene in which Indiana pilfers a booby-trapped jewel. The scene is thrilling, as a giant boulder threatens to bulldoze the archeologist, statues come to life and attack, and pointed spears spring up from all directions. There are plenty of other scenes from the entire trilogy, complete with choreographed fight scenes that involve ten audience members.

Are the movies in the Indiana Jones series some of your all-time favorites? And have you ever marveled over the amazing stunts featured in these action-packed films? Then wander past Echo Lake to this 35-minute live show that features daring stunts and thrilling special effects! Relive all your favorite Indiana Jones moments from Raiders of the Lost Ark, while learning just how they did it -- and maybe even get the chance to participate in the action onstage, too!
If you hear loud explosions while walking around MGM it means the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is under way. Using several movable sets this half hour live show recreates a number of great scenes from Indy movies. Plus they show how stunts are done and how a movie set might be conducted. In the first scene Indy desperately flees a giant rolling temple ball. The rest that follows includes scenes in a middle eastern city and a desert, explosions, fires and tense battles. Participants chosen from the audience help add to the fun.
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is exactly what the name implies. The show is similar to what you would have seen if you had to gone to the set of the famous Indiana Jones movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark". The first scene of the show is very similar to the first scene of the movie, where Indiana Jones is exploring an old temple. As he dodges booby traps, he discovers a golden treasure, but the second he takes it, a huge 440-pound ball starts chasing him. Fortunately, he escapes alive. After the first scene, the assistant director comes out and talks about the stunts you just saw, and he introduces the stuntman who plays Indiana Jones. As the crew dismantles and amazingly rolls away the set, the assistant director tells guests about the stunts and action to come in the next scene which is set in Cairo. As the scene is played out with Indiana Jones trying to rescue his female friend, Marion, from Nazis and Egyptian swordsmen, it's sometimes hard to believe that the stunts performed are perfectly safe. The last scene shows Indiana Jones and Marion trying to escape from a Nazi camp, with fiery explosions and more death-defying stunts. It's bound to leave you on the edge of your seat. Before the show begins, several adult guests are picked from the audience to be extras in the Cairo scene.

The Indiana Jones segment set in the middle eastern city market place offers a lot of excitement with swords and jumping, climbing, swinging, falling and blowing up a truck so that it flips over. The stunt men and women really get to show off on this set as do the selected audience participants.
Pre-show: Guests are permitted to enter the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular theater approximately 20 minutes before show time. While waiting, guests are generally entertained by a live performer - in the past, these have included Rosie, a loud-mouthed but hilarious cleaning lady, and Francis, a plumber, who interact with audience members. A few minutes before the show begins, the show's "casting director" gives a brief overview of the upcoming show and auditions several adult guests to serve as extras in the sequences to follow.
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! starts with an Indiana Jones look-alike reenacting a climactic scene from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with a 12-foot tall rolling boulder chasing him down a narrow path. He is seemingly overtaken and crushed by the boulder, only to reappear moments later as the set is being deconstructed and the director explains to the audience what's going on. The extras (who must be over 18 years old) chosen from the audience are part of the following Cairo street scene and, after a series of explosions and realistically swashbuckling fight scenes, the show concludes with even larger and louder explosions, pyrotechnics whose heat can be felt even in the audience, and an escape that will leave you biting your nails in suspense!
Current show times for this attraction and other Disney-MGM Studios Live Entertainment can be found at Steve Soares' WDW Entertainment Website.

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