Star Tours - the ultimate Star Wars ride  HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD
An intergalactic simulator ride recreating some of the scenes from the Star Wars movie series...

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MGM Studios Star ToursA must for Star Wars fans worldwide. Board an intergalactic simulator for a turbulent trip through outer space. With an absent-minded droid in the cockpit, you're in for warp-speed near-misses, collisions with comets and high-flying excitement - not to mention a wrong turn into a combat zone, right into the path of the Death Star. May the Force be with you!

It's the ultimate Star Wars™ thrill ride inspired by the original movie trilogy. R2-D2 & C-3PO are here to send you soaring into hyperspace in a runaway star speeder. Anyone in the mood to blow up a Death Star?

This attraction opened on December 15, 1989.

This attraction serves as the centerpiece of Star Wars Weekends, an event that takes place over five consecutive weekends at Disney-MGM Studios and allows Guests to get face-to-face with heroes, villains and celebrities from the film saga.

Take some time to explore the outdoor movie sets depicting the forest moon of Endor - complete with an Ewok treetop village and the monstrous AT-AT vehicle - outside the attraction

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