Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcad OFF OF NEW YORK STREET
A combination counter service restaurant and game arcade...

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Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade -- Remember that scene in the original Toy Story movie? The one where Andy goes to the pizza restaurant/game arcade for a special treat? Well, this spot faithfully recreates that scene. The Pizza Planet counter service restaurant offers pizza and salad fast-food meals, while the arcade is a haven for kids looking for a brief respite from running around the parks. Old-time favorites like Skee-Ball are here, along with the latest video games and even "The Claw", where you can test your skill to see if you can grab a small stuffed toy.
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Occasionally, Buzz and Woody might stop by the Pizza Planet Arcade, but if your little ones really want to see the Toy Story characters, they'd do better to visit nearby Al's Toy Barn, located near the Backlot Theater. Check your daily Guide Map for times and locations of other character Meet and Greet opportunities in the Disney-MGM Studios.
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