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Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage  SUNSET BOULEVARD
A 40-minute theatre presentation of Disney's 30th animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, Live on Stage, features the popular characters and songs from the film in a lavish, Broadway-caliber production...

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All songs written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman
Be Our Guest
Something There
Beauty and the Beast
The Mob Song
Exit Music
Beauty and the Beast


Pre-Show - Since you may be seated 30 minutes prior to the show's start, there is frequently a live performer(s) to entertain you while you wait. Recently, the act has been the excellent a cappella group Four for a Dollar. They're definitely worth a listen!
Beauty and the Beast - From the popular Be Our Guest to the moving strains of "Tale as old as time..." this 20-minute show mirrors the film upon which it's based. It tells the story of Belle, a beautiful but bookish girl who lives in a small French town. She is pursued by the macho Gaston, to her dismay, for she yearns for a different life. Her father, Maurice, stumbles upon the enchanted castle of the Beast, and, to free him, Belle offers herself as prisoner in his stead. Under the anxious eyes of Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth, among others, Belle grows to love the Beast and, despite the efforts of the townspeople led by the jilted Gaston, the couple manages a fairy tale ending, complete with the release of a flock of white doves.
For current show times and more information on Disney-MGM Studios Live Entertainment, visit Steve Soares' WDW Entertainment Website.

Arrive 20 minutes prior to the show to be guaranteed a seat and also to hear the warm-up act, Four for a Dollar.
Although the stage is clearly visible from most of the amphitheater, sitting in the middle or rear of the theater offers a view of the entire stage and the sets.
This show lasts approximately 20 minutes and is performed several times each day.
After a Beauty and the Beast show lets out, nearby attractions such as Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster may be swamped. Shopping along Sunset Boulevard for a while after the show may be a better bet than attempting to fight the crowds.
This attraction is wheelchair/ECV accessible.
Assistive Listening Devices from Guest Services Can Be Used Here.
The nearest restrooms and telephones are located at the end of Sunset Boulevard, to the right as you exit the Theater of the Stars. KIDS AND CHARACTERS
Although there are no character Meet and Greet opportunities at this attraction, Belle and Beast can sometimes be found in Disney-MGM Studios. Check your daily Guide Map for times and locations.
Disney-MGM Studios Characters At A Glance 

The Theater of the Stars holds 1,500 guests.
If you have comments or tips to share with others about touring Disney-MGM Studios' Beauty and the Beast, Live on Stage, please email me. Thank you.
The Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage show at the Disney MGM Studios is an entertaining 20-minute performance by live actors, held at the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard, and is the show that sparked the award winning Broadway Musical of the same name.
The show, which is held several times each day, traces the classic Disney Beauty and the Beast story of Belle, Gaston, and the Beast, along with appearances by Mrs Potts, Lumiere and all the other main characters. It also features a number of the songs from the movie, and has a great ending finale.
This one phrase is the basis for one of Disney°s all-time blockbuster hits, "Beauty & the Beast". So, what do you get when Disney-MGM Studios combines this animated Disney classic, a stage-full of pixie dust, and Broadway-style extravaganza? One of Disney World°s most spectacular live stage shows, Beauty & the Beast-Live on Stage!
This thoroughly entertaining show, which debuted in 1991 and is located at the 1500-seat, Theater of the Stars amphitheater on Sunset Boulevard, is adapted from the award-winning Disney film. It features all your favorite Beauty and the Beast characters, songs, and some dazzling special effects.
The show opens in the quaint French village, where our heroine Belle, lives with her father, Maurice, and takes you through her adventures in the Beast°s castle. With the likes of Cogsworth the Clock, Lumiere the Candelabra, Mrs. Potts the Teapot, adorable little Chip the teacup, and the rest of the castle°s whimsical servants, this show is a definite must see.
Among the shows many highlights is an unforgettable rendition of the song "Be Our Guest", complete with dancing chefs, bubbling bottles and a strawberry parfait that becomes a beautiful show girl. The music, dancing, and costumes will have you wishing this show were longer than the 25 minutes that it is packed into.
Don°t take your eyes of the stage during the exciting, climatic fight scene between villain Gaston and the Beast, for it is during this scene, after Belle°s declaration of love for the Beast, he magically transforms himself, in front of your eyes, into the handsome prince.
The show ends with Princess Belle, in her trademark shimmering-gold ball gown, and the Prince, waltzing effortlessly across the ballroom floor, to the beautiful love song "Beauty and the Beast". Watch closely as the show draws to a close, for a breath-taking flock of white doves, is released into the air of the theater.
The show times for Beauty and the Beast will be listed in your park guidemap, shows are not continuous, but are scheduled. The theater is fairly large, so arrive about 20-30 minutes prior to it°s schedule start. In addition, if you arrive early, there is a wonderful pre-show, which is definitely worth seeing.
Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage
Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage is a beautiful show based on Disney's 30th full-length animated film. Before the show starts, guests are entertained by an excellent acappella group. Some even say that this singing group is better than the main show. The storyline of the show is pretty much the same as the movie, complete with all your favourite characters, songs, and a spectacular ending made complete by the release of a flock of white doves. There are a few scenes in the show that weren't from the movie, but they fit in so well that they could have been. With the beautiful costumes, sets and wonderful special effects, this 20-minute show is as good as they get.
Interesting and little known facts
-the 1,500-seat covered amphitheatre which houses the show is called The Theatre of the Stars, and is a Disney version of the Hollywood Bowl!
Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage
Watch an extravagant musical production based on the hit movie, "Beauty and the Beast". The show follows Belle as she saves her father by imprisoning herself in the Beast's castle. The 20-minute production features recognizable song and dance numbers from the movie.
Note: Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage does not operate when lightning is near the park. Check your guidebook and the theater's entrance for showtimes.
Disney's Academy Award winning classic comes to life in a Broadway style stage production. This show has been currently re-furbished. There are some new costumes and new sequences to the show. Don't miss it, it's wonderful.

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