Voyage of the Little Mermaid  ANIMATION COURTYARD
Join Ariel in this exciting voyage from the ocean floor in an undersea party of live performers, colorful puppets, special effects, film clips and enchanting music with Flounder, King Triton, Sebastian and others....

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A boxy building on Mickey Avenue invites you to join Ariel, Sebastian, and the underwater gang in this stage show, which condenses the movie into a marathon presentation of the greatest hits. In an admirable effort at verisimilitude, a fine mist sprays the stage; visitors sitting in the front rows will get refreshed.
Duration: 15 minutes
When To Go: Go first thing in the morning or wait until the stroller brigade°s exodus after 5.
Audience: All ages.

VOYAGE of THE LITTLE MERMAID show features puppets and people dressed up as characters from the animated film singing songs like PART OF YOUR WORLD, FATHOMS BELOW, KISS THE GIRL, LES POISSONS, POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS, UNDER THE SEA, DAUGHTERS OF TRITON. At one point in this show they put some sprinklers on so I got a bit wet, which was ironic because it was raining outside and I went in to get dry. This show lasted about 25 minutes.

This 17-minute live show is presented frequently throughout the day. Check the Times Guide for show times.

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