Test Track 

Located in the former home of World of Moti
on! Each test vehicle steers passengers through more than five minutes of tire-squealing road tests.

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Test Track attraction at Disney's EpcotLocated in the former home of World of Motion, Test Track gives the public their first look at an automotive proving ground where cars and trucks are put through the extremes to test the vehicle's safety and durability. We approach the pavilion passing between two large murals that show guests in test vehicles moving in many different directions. To the left of the Test Track logo sign ahead is the entrance to the queue and a sign telling us how many more minutes until our scheduled test run. Signs throughout the outdoor queue area give brief descriptions about the development of specific car safety features including the horn and road signs. One sign shows a variety of license plates. On the front of the building are three large doors labeled 1, 2, and 3. Above the doors is a large mirror that allows us to see the reflection of the test vehicles whizzing by on the overhead track. We enter the pavilion through the only open doorway (Door 1). Passing through a small entryway, a sign warns us not to ride if we don't meet certain requirements. A video monitor has a constantly looping display that says "Imagine," "Design," "Create," "Test." The first in a series of varying background music featuring a strong beat mixed in with the sounds of assembly line construction or screeching tires (depending on which test is being demonstrated) is heard overhead. Throughout the rest of the indoor queue, we view a variety of tests parts of cars are put through. The tests are divided into two categories: Quality Zone and Safety Zone. More detail about the indoor queue will be added in the near future. Disney's Fastpass system was added to Test Track (Epcot's first Fastpass attraction), in late 1999. At that time, the Fastpass line entered through a side door directly onto the platform in front of the Briefing Rooms. Within a few months, this was changed so that the Fastpass line utilized the main queue area whereas the Standby line entered through the side door of the pavilion.
Once through the queue, a group of about forty guests are asked to step in front of either Briefing Room 1, 2, or 3. When it is our turn to enter, a yellow light turns on and spins around followed by the automatic doors opening. We proceed into the room and view several pictures of GM proving grounds throughout the country. The last one to the right of the exit door is an interesting overhead view of the Test Track pavilion. On the left side of the room are three monitors and two bulletin boards. The boards contain a bunch of notes and diagrams of the test vehicles and some of the tests we are about to experience. On the center monitor, a woman is sitting entering information into a computer. Behind her we see other technicians working and looking at a large map of the track on the wall. The current date and time are at the bottom, right corner of the screen.
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Test Track Queue Area - The entire queue area resembles an industrial testing laboratory filled with actual test equipment and vehicle components.   The automotive tests performed on cars and trucks are illustrated in the Quality Zone, highlighting GM automotive technology, and the Safety Zone, displaying GM safety innovations and practices. Simulations include brake, wheel, suspension, airbag, seat belt and windshield tests.
Throughout the inner cue area there are lots of Snap-On Tools and GM test machines available for viewing. There are also TV monitors with short movies on testing cars and vehicles. You will wind and wind and wind through the building.
The queue area is VERY LOUD!  There are bangs, clangs, clanks, screeches -- whatever noises you could imagine in a testing laboratory for cars.
Pre-Show - Once you are through the turnstiles you will enter a standing pre-show area for about 2-3 minutes. During that time, you will be introduced to the "testing" procedures, have a look at the ride vehicle and have explained a little about what you will experience.
Test Track -- The Automotive Adventure - Once you finally arrive at the loading zone you will be instructed to move to a row and then board the  six-passenger Test Track vehicle. The longest and fastest Walt Disney World attraction provides you a sneak peek inside the world of automobile testing.   Passengers in each "test" vehicle experience a firsthand look at how GM cars and trucks are tested before being brought to market.
Hill Climb Test - The "test" schedule begins with a tire-squealing, engine-roaring, three-story ascent.
Suspension Test - Passengers descend to the second level over a series of harsh variable road surfaces.
Brake Test - Two passes through a circular set-up of traffic cones shows how a wildly-out-of-control skid can become a manageable steer with ABS brakes. Rolling to a stop, guests view an instant replay of themselves performing both tests from a bird's-eye view.
Environmental Chamber Test - Vehicles are exposed to extreme heat, bone-chilling cold and a "corrosive" mist sprayed by industrial robots in a series of enclosed environmental chambers. (NOTE: You are misted in the cold and corrosive chambers but do not get "wet".)
Ride Handling Test - Exiting from the chambers, vehicles accelerate quickly up a switchback "mountain road" to a dark tunnel full of surprises.
Barrier Test - Guests feel what it's like to be a crash-test dummy during this attention-grabbing, high-speed sequence.
High-Speed Test - Outside the building, vehicles scream around a steeply-banked loop turning them back toward the 50-degree banked curve hugging the building's massive circumference. Heading back inside, each vehicle is tested on the thermal imager, a device allowing guests to see the areas of heat generated on the vehicle -- and guests -- during testing.
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Test Track Post-Show - In the post-show, interactive demonstrations and GM vehicle design and production displays further explain the benefits of GM's vehicle-testing practices and its commitment to safety and quality. State-of-the-art interactive equipment allows guests to witness the benefits of GM's Smart Car Technology. 
You have got to warn people about Dream Chaser (Dream Catchers?) upon leaving test track. What a waste of time, with rather long line because it is new. This is nothing but a poor cartoon movie advertisement for the sponsor (GM).
They have an announcement that this is not a virtual realty ride or amusement. They are not kidding. It was like watching a Nintendo game that you do not control. If your kids are short, they cannot even experience the "motion" when the attraction is playing. Please review this attraction" on your website so others do not waste their time as we did. Matthew Clarke
The only thing which I would recommend people skip is the GM exhibit as you exit the Test Track. We had quite a long wait in line (all the people exiting Test Track) and the program was very disappointing. It looks like it will be a virtual reality experience, and it is really a cartoon. (Donna Zuchowski) Ed.Note - If the wait for this is 10 minutes or less go ahead and try it; otherwise, do as Donna suggests and pass it by.

Powered by three onboard computers which together have more processing power than the Space Shuttle, each test vehicle steers passengers through more than five minutes of tire-squealing road tests. The rigorous testing schedule includes an engine-roaring, three-story ascent; a wildly out-of-control skid; and a 50 degree banked curve at 65 mph.
Test Track climbs, spirals and snakes through the 150,000-square-foot pavilion, including areas simulating arctic cold and desert heat. About half of the track loops outside the pavilion where maximum speeds are obtained.
Total length of track - 5,246 ft.
Maximum Speed - 65mph
Ride time duration - 5 minutes and 34 seconds
Number of miles each test vehicle will travel per year - 50,000
Number of miles each vehicle was designed to last - 1,000,000
Angle of banked curve surrounding main building - 50 degrees
Number of on board computers in each test vehicle - 3
Number of turns from beginning to end - 34
3-story incline at beginning of attraction - 15 degrees
Temp difference between hot and cold rooms -100 degrees
Each vehicle has 22 wheels, four of which are visible.
Each vehicle has 6 braking systems.

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