A showcase of Canada featuring Canadian architecture, a mountain canyon with 30-foot waterfall cascading into a rushing stream, and Off-Kilter", a Scottish-Canadian rock band

World Showcase Canada in Epcot

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Hotel du Canada is a towering landmark that leads guests to the Canada pavilion at Epcot World Showcase. The distinctive building, modeled after Ottawa’s familiar Chateau Laurier, also boasts a Rocky Mountain and waterfall backdrop.
Near the entrance to the pavilion, guests are often seen snapping photos in the brilliant flower gardens, inspired by Victoria’s Butchart Gardens.
The Canada pavilion is a mixture of rustic Native Indian villages, an ornate French-flavored chateau, the Scottish influence of the Maritimes and the ruggedness of the Canadian Rockies.
It combines authentic architectural designs, and features thirty-foot-high totem poles which mark the Native Indian village where a log cabin and its nearby northwest trading post carry out the northwoods theme. Gift shops display authentic Canadian crafts, boutique items and a Roots clothing store.
 The flowered pathway leads into a mountain canyon where a 30-foot waterfall cascades into a rushing stream. Rocky, pine-studded slopes surround the shaft opening to the Maple Leaf Mine, the entrance to the theater.
"O Canada" is a splendid visual tour of Canada’s scenic wonders. The CircleVision 360 film is a motion picture technique that surrounds viewers with Canadian snow geese by the thousands on an autumn stopover near the St. Lawrence River; a chuckwagon race in the Calgary Stampede (filmed from the buckboard); pine-covered mountains at Banff National Park; reindeer in the Northwest Territories; Toronto’s CN Tower, and the northern midnight sun.
Le Cellier Steakhouse is located in a chateau wine cellar that celebrates the Canadian provinces and territories, featuring the flavors of Midwestern seasoned steaks and seasonal Canadian seafood paired with wines and beers of Canada, the border states and Europe.
The showcase introduces visitors to the traditions, culture and atmosphere of the places that are most attractive to tourists in Canada. Off Kilter, a Celtic rock band, entertains live at the Canada outdoor stage on the promenade.
Many young people from Canada work in the pavilion and help to explain their country to the world. Those included are students participating in the World Fellowship Program who study management and the hospitality industry under the direction of Disney professionals. These and others brought to Walt Disney World Resort through a unique cultural program are replaced by a new group of "ambassadors" each year.
The Canada pavilion features the largest World Showcase garden and the most labor-intensive landscape. It was inspired by the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia that were built by Jenny Butchart to beautify the limestone pits dug by her husband’s cement company. Many seasonal displays take place in this garden, including the chrysanthemum show each fall. During the winter months, all flowers blooming in this pavilion are white, giving the appearance of a Canadian snowfall. Throughout the year, 154 rose bushes bloom in this garden. Removing spent blooms in the Epcot rose gardens requires more than 400 hours per year!
Canada's Le Cellier Steakhouse is welcoming guests to a cozy restaurant featuring "Canadian steakhouse" fare -- favorites such as wild mushroom-stuffed filet or buffalo rib-eye served with parmesan "smashed" potatoes. For fish lovers, there's maple-glazed Canadian salmon. And for dessert, a special butterfinger mousse with raspberry sauce satisfies any sweet tooth.
More and more businesses are expanding their sites to accommodate Canadian consumers.
There are some products and services that are unavailable to Canadian residents on the internet.
The Bottom Line
Although the internet is dominated by American web sites, most companies are realizing the importance of International expansion...
Why am I so excited? (Even though one exclamation mark doesn't show too much excitement...) I've finally found a great place to sit a review about my home country. I'm not going to talk about Medicare, or travelling vacations...
If you go through the other Epinions in the Canada category, you will find points such as beautiful scenery, animals, and friendly people. Sure, all of those things are here, but there is also the Canadian internet community aspect.
Although I love to live in Canada, there are some downsides, as well. For instance, a lot of programs and internet services don't allow Canadian residents to participate, or at least they make it harder for them to receive the service or payment. For instance:
-- For the largest part of Paypal's existance, it has disallowed Canadians to register, quoting there was no way to get past all the taxes, through the banks, legal issues, etc. Recently, realizing they were losing 30 million potential clients, they now accept Canadian residents. However, they give a horrible conversion rate, and you have to have more money in your Paypal account before you can redeem. They also state this: An International Transaction Fee applies on all funds entering or leaving the PayPal system from non-U.S. sources and is assessed at the time of the transaction. (This means they are allowed to keep part of the money for all the trouble they are going through.)
-- Even Epinions! Say it ain't so. Even our beloved has certain stipulations to Canadian members (and all other international countries.) such as: Canadian members must have $100 accumulated in their accounts before redemption is available. Yes. Do you know how hard it is to accumulate $100 in penny-clicks? I guess we can really see who likes to write because of this! It's ten times as hard for Canadians to get a cheque, than it is for Americans, who only have to accumulate $10 before redemption is available to them.
-- offers a classifieds service. They also have which is the Canadian version of the site, who also put Classifieds as an availability. However, when you go to register, you find that you can only search through American ads. So, for all the internet-relationship seekers out there, you're going to have use a different site, unless you're interested in travelling a great deal. But, Kudos to Yahoo! for the attempt to extend to Canadians!
Great Canadian Web Sites!
-- ... You can't get more precise than that! There are horoscopes, Canadian lottery results, TV Listings, Weather information, Maps... All Canadian information.
-- Oh yes. This is creepy. You can look up any address, postal code, and phone number of a person, as long as you know their last name. I'm not sure of the American web page version of this, but I know there is one.
-- Here you can look through the Yellowpages (of companies right near you!) and they even give you walking or driving instructions! Vancouver sport team schedules and information, etc.
Since I'm not American, I haven't had to look up personal information, nor have I browsed to see if small towns have movie listings. I believe that in Canada's search for identity, we've covered a lot of ground on web page information. British Columbia has an extensive YellowPage resource, and you can look up your favorite restaurants, or get listings and directions for anything that would be in the regular YellowPages.
Although American companies dominate the internet right now, more and more companies are rising to accomodate Canadian consumers as well. Although I wish that every country would be considered on the internet, I know it's not always profitable to ship to Timbucktu, and I do know there are bank related costs to send international users. However, I hope that soon all American internet companies realize that they may have to spend a little more, but will end up with a lot more business and clients by expanding to International users.
great 360 film, beautiful architecture and scenery, good entertainment
mysterious restaurant

Canada is a nation still very mysterious to most Americans. When asked to picture our neighbor to the North, most visualize a scene from "Northern Exposure." Major kudos to the imagineers at Epcot for exposing visitors to the cultural and geographic diversity of Canada- this presentation in the form of a 360 film, in combination with some beautiful architecture and scenery, makes Canada a great Pavilion at Epcot Center.
The general design of Canada consists of several large stone buildings with tall, inclined roofs-this architecture is similar to that of the castles in Ottowa. Taking a wide staircase up to a higher level, visitors walk through a Pavilion which is magnificently secluded from the main Epcot walkways. Beautiful blue waterfalls and a calm lake invite visitors to the 360 film tucked away in the far corner of this Pavilion. This area is particularly attractive at night when dim lights create shadows on the walls of the castles...very mood-setting.
The 360 film, entitled "O Canada!" presents a 20-minute view to the many regions and peoples of this nation. The film starts with a procession of Mounties performing a formation, but then continues with lesser-known images. Visitors see the Pacific Northwest as one would see it on a train voyage, and sky photos of the beautiful Victoria and Vancouver. Also filmed were the rivers and ice masses of Central Canada and the plains of the East. We see faces of people from many ethnic groups and cultures. Of course, one is introduced to the bilingual city of Montreal. As a nice touch, the theme song played with the film is sung in both English and French. This was beautifully filmed, and one should take the opportunity to turn around often during the film to enjoy the many angles. Please note that there are no seats, just handrails, and sitting is discouraged. However, you will wait no more than 20 minutes to see the film.
Scattered among the streets of the Pavilion are some interesting vendors selling some stereotypically Canadian items. One stand sells some attractive leather bracelets and anklets, which you can have personalized at no extra charge. Other vendors sell caramel apples, apple cider, and roasted chestnuts, peanuts, and almonds.
The Canadian Pavilion is host to interesting performance groups. Most notable is "Off-Kilter", a Scottish-Canadian rock band. Yes, you read me correctly. Imagine some hard rockers wearing kilts, playing the bagpipes alongside an electric guitar and a drum set. What a unique sound! This is a lot of fun and should not be missed.
The only bizarre part of this Pavilion is the restaurant, Le Celier. This restaurant is a little difficult to find, and very few people ever mention this eatery. Those who have eaten here don't recall distinguishing features or remarkable food. That's too bad-the atmosphere of this Pavilion would be inviting of a great steak house.
Regardless, this is a fine Pavilion which makes one eager to take a trip to the North. Educational in the spirit of the World Showcase, older kids will enjoy the Pavilion, but younger kids will most likely be bored. As for adults, you'll be happy you stopped by!
Great outdoor waterfalls, cool movie
No seating where it could be enjoyed most

Looking at the picture above, I was just thinking how much it looked like a giant golf ball on a strange shaped tee. Don't drive just yet, though, because this part of Epcot is much fun and has some great photo opportunities.
The really great outdoors
A substantial part of the fun here is outdoors - though the distances to be walked are small as Disney walking goes. You start down the path past several areas of decorative plants representing gardens of Canada. These were nice, but I don't remember them nearly as vividly as the waterfalls that followed. The waterfalls are not quite Niagara sized, but they offer some great photo opportunities. If there had been a comfortable place to sit I would have loved to stare at the falling water and listen to the sound. One other great thing is that the gift shops aren't the first thing you see. It was a bit of a letdown to finish climbing the multi level stairs and find the reward of reaching the plateau was a gift shop though.
Lights, camera, action!
The other fun thing to see in Canada is the three hundred sixty degree movie. You don't sit down, which makes it easier to see what's happening on the screen behind you, but may still disappoint less energetic viewers who have been walking around Disney for some time. The movie itself is very enjoyable. I have to admit I can't remember much of an educational nature, but I vividly remember the image of men riding on horseback in formation it starts off with. We saw busy Canadian cities and unspoiled wilderness. There was much emphasis on winter sports, which made wonderful film as well. Although a few scattered images is all I really took away from this movie, like all the Disney country movies it packs a great deal into a fairly short time.
Variety of areas represented, gorgeous gardens, thrilling film in Circlevision 360
No seating in the theater
Epcot's Canada pavilion in Walt Disney World is one of the most beautiful among the 11 countries featured in World Showcase. When I visited Canada it was the last country I went to, and I was not in the least disappointed.
Several different facets of Canada are represented. These include a Northwest Indian Village, a 19th century French chateau, and winding streets of Quebec City.
The "center ring" of Canada is its film presentation, "O Canada!". This is a Circlevision 360 film of the various lands of Canada. The movie screen is a complete circle, enveloping the audience so that wherever one looks, the film can be easily seen. The screen is quite large, and the cinematography was achieved so that it seems like the viewer is flying through the clear sky, looking down upon the natural beauty which Canada has to offer. The emotions and feelings expressed in this "fly-along" film are amazing and memorable. There is a lovely theme song entitled "Canada, You're A Lifetime Journey", which is pleasant to hear while viewing the different aspects of the country.
The only hindrance about the film is that there is no seating available. If a case is extreme, one may sit on the floor, but it is preferred that everyone stand (therefore it is a good idea to visit Canada early in your tour of World Showcase, so tired legs and feet won't give way while viewing the film).
After the film is finished, visitors get to actually appreciate some of Canada's beauty. Outside there is a rocky wall with splashing waterfalls cascading down, and a tiny cottage can be seen among exquisitely beautiful "Victorian Gardens". These flawless grounds boast what seems to be a rolling carpet of grass, wonderfully kept trees, shrubbery, and other plants, and the colorful flowers are breathtaking. There is also a quaint fountain, and a peaceful lily pond.
Take advantage of these relaxing, lazy surroundings which glorify the beauty of summertime in Canada.
Most American citizens do not know a great deal about Canada (we just think they have to pay more for everything). Touring the Canada pavilion in Epcot will give a whole new outlook on this unique foreign country, and give an appreciation for America's neighbor.

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