A showcase of the United Kingdom featuring shops, various English architecture like Victorian, London, Yorkshire Manor, a great pub...and could it be...the FAB FOUR? ..

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The perennial garden to the left side of the United Kingdom pavilion promenade is filled with flowers that attract butterflies and features a chrysalis box housing numerous butterfly cocoons. These cocoons actually will remain in the box while they develop into butterflies, and lucky guests may see one in the last stage of development when the butterfly emerges from its cocoon. In the herb garden near the replica of Anne Hathaway’s cottage, rosemary, parsley, spearmint, chives and sage grow year-round. This is called a knot garden because of the appearance of knots in the hedges. Farther around the corner is a hedge maze, with walls of Japanese yew, a plant often used to create shrub topiaries. Examples of Japanese yew topiaries in traditional geometric shapes are found in front of The Toy Soldier shop on the way to Canada.
It's "Otium Cum Dignitate" at the Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room, and if "leisure with dignity" isn't your idea of a good time, the Bass ale and Guinness stout should bring you around. There's cottage pie and prime rib on the menu, and the authentic Harry Ramsden's fish and chips is featured in a new kiosk.
Desserts are a royal treat: sherry trifle, a traditional dessert of fruit and custard cake big enough for two; raspberry fool, whipped cream and crushed raspberries over shortbread; and apple blackberry crumble, served with sherry custard.
Enjoy a tankard of ale in an authentic looking English pub and stroll the streets of the United Kingdom.  Fish & Chips anyone?  The shops and restaurants here convey a whimsical feel of the UK.  While wandering by in the afternoon, you may hear the sounds of the... could it be... FAB FOUR?  
The Rose and Crown pub features authentic English fare and one of the prettiest views of the World Showcase lagoon.  This spot is touted by Intercot regulars as one of the best to watch Illuminations!

The history of the United Kingdom is depicted through the architectural styles ranging from 1500 to 1800. The buildings represented are Victorian, London, Yorkshire Manor, Tudor, Georgian, Hyde Park, Regency and even a Shakespearean cottage design.  

The shops and pub are the featured attractions in the United Kingdom. 
Epcot Attractions At A Glance

Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room - Fish and chips, bangers and Mash, Prime Rib and Sherry Trifle are among the regular items at Rose and Crown.  The Rose and Crown is open for lunch and dinner, inside or outside. 
Thirsty?? Sit at the pub and enjoy yards of Bass Ale, Guinness Stout, Harp Lager or Caffrey's Irish Ale.  
The Rose and Crown contains a varied history of pub styles, combining elements from three basic pub designs:  the street pub, the waterfront pub, and the country pub. The exterior design was modeled after the Elizabethan period of the late 16th century. The interior decor was pattered after Victorian architectural forms of the 1890s.
Yorkshire County Fish and Chips - counter service 
Epcot Restaurants At A Glance
Menus From Around the World
Vegetarian and Other Special Diets

The British Invasion - Beatle imitators
World Showcase Players - Improv troupe
Pam Brody 
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Be sure to walk through the beautiful Butterfly and Knot Herb garden.  The butterfly garden also has a Chyrsalis Box; approximately 35 butterfly chyrsalis are pinned for display each week.
The traditional hedge maze is fun to walk through.
Explore both sides of the street.  Take the path running down the side of the Rose & Crown Pub on the French side. There's a nice little sitting area there right by the lagoon. This area is sometimes reserved in the evenings for private parties.
Check out the hand-painted smoke stains on the chimneys.  
Chat with the Cast Members in the shops, they are among the friendliest in World Showcase.
The bright red phone booths are identical to those found in the United Kingdom.  
Try the Milky Bar (white chocolate), at the Tea Caddy, or the chocolate assortment box called Quality Street for a taste of genuine English sweets.
Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival Highlights - In addition to the herb and perennial gardens that are here all year, there is a special penguin topiary.
Holidays from Around the World features storytellers in each country.  In the United Kingdom, Father Christmas makes appearances throughout the afternoon. 

There is an English children's maze made of boxwood hedges in the back of the pavilion. 
The United Kingdom is a great place to meet characters. You can sometimes find Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore as well as Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and Alice in Wonderland.
Each of the World Showcase Countries has a special "KIDCOT" area that provides an opportunity for your child to interact with a native of the country you are visiting.
Epcot PassPorts are great fun for kids as they have them stamped at each pavilion around World Showcase.
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Crown & Crest - Perfumes and potpourri.
Magic Of Wales - Pottery, candy, records, tapes, earrings, jewelry.
Pringle of Scotland - Sweaters, knitwear, kilts, tartan fabrics.
Queen's Table - Fine china, florals, figurines.
The Tea Caddy - Specialty tea items, and you will find candies & chocolates usually only available in the UK
The Toy Soldier - British toys, games. 
Shopping in Walt Disney World

The crests of the United Kingdom's four major schools (Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, and Edinburgh) can be seen in the upstairs window of The Queen's Table.
Changes in garden style enhance the changes in architecture throughout the United Kingdom. Landscaping styles include rural England, an open square park reminiscent of Hyde Park, and a maze fashioned after the Somerleyton Hall Maze built in 1984 in England.
The Tea Caddy structure is representative of the 1500's architecture style - Anne Hathaway cottage near the perennial and herb garden.
The Cantalier Buildings, next to the Toy Soldier, represent the 1600s.  If you look at the second story of the building, you will see how it comes out over the street level.  In the 1600s, taxes were based on ground floor space.  Creative folks built structures with larger second floors that would not be taxed.
Mini Hyde Park - the 1700s buildings were more plaster and wood.  In the 1800s the buildings became stone in the Georgian Style.
There are 2 replicas of Castles:  King Henry's Court and Sir Walter Scott.
This British Invasion came to the U.S. and Walt Disney World in 1982.   You feel like you are really in the United Kingdom in this village pavilion with its winding streets, little shops and lovely gardens.
Here you can shop in Wales and Scotland, buy wools, teas, China, apparel.   Don't miss the Butterfly Garden and the hedge maze.   and check your Epcot Guide Map for live entertainment here; it is lots of fun. 
The building on the right in this photo is the Rose & Crown Pub and Restaurant, a popular place where you need to make seating requests early.   The food is fabulous and the beer is British.   Their pub lunch isn't quite proper, seemingly a little Americanized, but they do seem to be working on it.   If you are in the mood for British fare and haven't the time for a sit down, try the nearby fish stand for some traditional British take away.
The buildings on the left house some of the shops.   Nestled up against the left side of those buildings is a lovely butterfly garden and behind is a hedge maze and the location of some of the live entertainment.
United Kingdom from the World Showcase Lagoon
The Rose & Crown is a stand out in World Showcase's United Kingdom.   You can try some Bangers & Mash or sample some English pies; there is something for everyone.
This is the only pavilion with a restaurant right on World Showcase Lagoon and where you can dine outside by the water.   The Rose & Crown is a great place to view Illuminations.   If you would like to try to view Illuminations from here, make priority seating arrangements as early as possible; it is obviously very popular.
On the right is the fish & chips takeaway cart which is excellent when you're on the fly.
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