A showcase of France featuring a light and airy city park and a tree-lined allee where you can find traditional French pastries, art, food, perfume boutique and theatre..


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The gardens in the France pavilion are light and airy, reminiscent of a city park. Gazing toward the shops and film attraction, guests notice the allee (avenue or pathway) of trees ascending the incline. This allee, normally of linden trees in France, is created with Bradford pear trees more tolerant of Florida’s climate. To the right of this row of trees is Le Notre Garden, an embroidered parterre garden where 985 shrubs are shaped into the well-known fleur-de-lis design. And a circle of crape myrtle trees (substituting for lilacs found in France) bloom three times during the summer, adding abundant color to the landscape.
On the way to the next pavilion, a much larger parterre garden can be seen over the bridge.
With the lively atmosphere of an authentic brasserie along the Rue de Seine, the celebrated Chefs de France restaurant has a whole new look and a new attitude.
The menu still features the gastronomic creations of its three famous owner-chefs: Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenotre and Roger Verge, whose gourmet restaurants in Lyon, Paris and Cote d' Azur, respectively, are known around the world.
The cuisine retains its allegiance to the celebrated owners with such favorites as grilled tenderloin of beef with a Bordeaux wine sauce, traditional French onion soup, or a Mediterranean seafood casserole.
Complete with it's own Eiffel Tower and dancing fountains, France is one of the most serene countries in World Showcase.  Not to be missed here are the French Bakery with it's sinful treats and the film "Impressions De France" show in the quaint theatre Palais du Cinema.  Fantastic music punctuates your whirlwind 18 minute tour of France.

As you leave the United Kingdom, cross over the English Channel (known in Epcot as the International Gateway Bridge) into France.  The Showcase reflects France from 1870-1910, a period known as La Belle Epoque, the beautiful time.  Here you will find a book shop, art, a perfume shop, theater, a sidewalk cafe, restaurant, and the busy garden marketplace of Paris.

Impressions de France - The Palais du Cinema is the home of the 200 degree airborne French travelogue set to classical music.  The score of Impressions de France was recorded in London by the National Philharmonic.  It was the first motion picture to have its soundtracks recorded digitally and then to be taken digitally through every step of editing, mixing and dubbing.  The movie is approximately 18 minutes long.
Scenes from Impressions de France include Normandy, Loire Valley, Cognac, Cannes, Paris, and many more.  
Click here for the full listing of scenes in order of appearance.
Click here for a listing of the musical selections.
Epcot Attractions At A Glance

Chefs de France - The menu features the creations of its three famous owner-chefs: Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenotre and Roger Verge .  Escargot, Coquilles Saint-Jacques, classic French onion soup, Mediterranean seafood casserole, and canard à l'orange (roasted duck) are some of the flavors you will find here.  Chefs de France is located on the main level.
Bistro de Paris - located on the 2nd floor above Chefs de France is the pricier  Bistro de Paris which offers delicacies such as pan-seared foie gras, truffles, lobster fricassee, and roasted quail.
Boulangerie Paitisserie - a wonderful pastry shop so save room for dessert!  Get an IllumiNations spot and send one of your group here for coffee and pastries to bring back!  Be sure to get a good whiff of the baked goods smell that is piped out of the shop.
Epcot Restaurants At A Glance
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Imaginum - solid marble statues come to life and entertain children and adults.  
Cyranose de Bergerac - performed daily by the World Showcase Players, this spoof of the famous story of the nasally gifted Cyrano features audience participation.
Also enjoy the Melodies de Paris.
For more information on Epcot and WDW Live Entertainment, visit Steve Soares WDW Entertainment Website.
Plume Et Palette - Designer fragrances
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The park bordering the canal along the right side of the pavilion was inspired by the famous painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by pointillist artist Georges Seurat.
The landscape here has a single objective:  to reflect an urban ambiance, particularly springtime in Paris.  Street trees along the central boulevard are positioned and pruned to enhance the illusion of distance.  Planters in this area reveal pastel mixes of flowers, lending an impressionistic flavor and reinforcing the theme.
The Eiffel Tower is an example of Forced Perspective.  The one-tenth replica of the Eiffel Tower was constructed using Gustav Eiffel's original blueprints.  If you looked at the Eiffel Tower today as it stands in Paris, it would have similar coloring to the Statue of Liberty in New York.  However, here in Epcot, the Eiffel Tower is more tan and pinkish.  The reason is the France Pavilion here represents the late 1800s and the Eiffel Tower is the same color it would have been then.

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