The American Adventure  SIXTH COUNTRY UPON ENTERING  (Half way point around the lagoon)
A showcase of America celebrating the spirit of America's history and diversity featuring a 29-minute audio-animatronics combination of film and special effects presentation..

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The American Adventure, the flagship pavilion of Epcot World Showcase, celebrates the spirit of America’s history and diversity.
The pavilion, presented by American Express, is home to the American Adventure show, housed inside a 108,000-square-foot Georgian-style mansion.
In the dramatic 29-minute presentation, one of the most elaborate ever created using Audio-Animatronics® figures, hosts Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain take guests on a journey into the birth of a new nation and the resulting spirit of its creation.
Through the magic of Audio-Animatronics and an innovative combination of film and special effects, the show features such "performers" as Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Alexander Graham Bell, Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.
Disney "stage directors" have drawn reactions and movements from the Audio-Animatronics actors never before accomplished. "With live acting, the essence of a message may be caught in a moment; two actors making eye contact, or a subtle move of the body," said figure animator Dave Feiten. "In the Valley Forge scene, for instance, two Audio-Animatronics figures are hunched over against a chilling wind. As they converse, one of the soldiers takes just a split second to raise his head and look at his fellow compatriot. These are things that aren’t in the script but they give the figure that extra feeling of life."
Research for the American Adventure began almost three years prior to its 1982 premiere. Careful attention was given to ensure that the presentation is historically accurate, according to researcher Melissa Rhone.
For instance, in a scene depicting the Great Depression, pages of quotes from Will Rogers were gathered by Walt Disney Imagineers to incorporate into the scene. In order to duplicate the advertisements of the Depression era, architectural magazines were scanned. Music logs were searched to find an appropriate song for the banjo player on the porch -- "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" In addition to obtaining Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 inaugural speech, Imagineers wrote to the Library of Congress for a copy of his unusual presidential seal to duplicate for his podium.
The show is held in a 1,024-seat theater complete with rich, Corinthian-style details: chandeliers, archways, columns, elegant fabrics and paneling. The theater includes the Spirits of America, twelve "marble" statues lining both sides of the theater, representing such American qualities as heritage, innovation, knowledge, pioneering, discovery and freedom.
In 1993, the show was updated to include a new generation of Audio-Animatronics figures, re-recorded audio tracks and a dramatic new ending sequence.
The new "Golden Dreams" ending sequence encompasses events from 1945 through the present. Notable new additions include Ryan White, the young hemophiliac who succumbed to AIDS after a courageous battle with the disease, Muppet creator Jim Henson and basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson.
Other American Adventure pavilion entertainment highlights: The Voices of Liberty a cappella singers, and the America Gardens Theatre, an expanded 1,800-seat outdoor theater used as a venue for special shows, guest performances and music series.
As the host country, The American Adventure pavilion is constructed on higher ground and located in the center of World Showcase. “This pavilion is by far the most formal, with its soldier-like rows of magnolias and the holly in front of the America Gardens Theatre,” Darden says.
Designed after the old colonial-style architecture and landscapes, this pavilion features a predominant color scheme of red, white and blue flowers. The sycamore trees in the America Gardens Theatre are pleached -- that is, their branches interlace, creating a living ceiling over the area. Four large oak trees in front of the building have an interesting history. They were originally planted on Hotel Plaza Boulevard near Downtown Disney in the late 1960s, but later were relocated here to grace The American Adventure when Epcot opened in 1982.
   The American Adventure is the host pavilion of World Showcase.  Standing on the opposite side of the World Showcase lagoon facing Future World,  the pavilion is completely contained within one large building.  The facade is colonial Georgian, and forced perspective is used to make it appear only three stories tall.  The heart of the pavilion is the American Adventure show; there really isn't anything else to see save the requisite fast food facility. There is a shop, of course, and several merchandise carts outside.  Characters often appear here for photo ops, and the American Gardens theatre has become EPCOT's most prominent venue for live entertainment and shows.

The American Adventure
   This 26-minute multimedia show is the focus of the American pavilion and a highlight of EPCOT Center. The show features film, music, and audio-animatronic figures, all combining to tell the story of America's history from colonial days up to the 20th century.
   The show is massive, as is the technical achievement involved.  At the time of the show's premiere in 1982, no one had ever seen anything like the Ben Franklin figure that appears to walk or the Will Rogers figure who actually spins a lasso.  Other scenes such as the Philadelphia Exposition of 1976, Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War, and a Depression-era gas station are all made possible by a massive piece of machinery dubbed the 'war wagon'.  The result is an impressive spectacle the likes of which Disney has never created since.
   The finale of the show is a film montage which takes us from World War II to the present day.  Various events and celebrities are shown to the accompaniment of the show's theme song.
Liberty Inn
   Confirming the worst of international stereotypes, the only American restaurant at the pavilion is a burger and fry joint.  For sit-down Americana you'll have to head to the Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom, cause here it's strictly fast food.  The restaurant is tucked around the side of the pavilion, near the exit for the show itself.
Heritage Manor Gifts
   This shop features various bric-a-brac and whatnot all relating to and redolent of Americana.  Books, souvenirs, crafts and home decorations are all available.  
American Gardens Theatre
   The covered amphitheatre which borders the World Showcase lagoon features daily entertainment of different sorts.  Acts change from season to season, and usually week to week.  Check your guide map or the park tip board for information, or call EPCOT Guest Relations.
Voices of Liberty
   This fantastic a capella group performs daily in the pavilion rotunda and waiting area for the American Adventure show.  Showtimes are listed on the sign outside the pavilion.
This was by far the best pavilion at EPCOT in my opinion. This is not just because I am from the US. I was really impressed by the quality and technology of the main show. On the outside, the pavilion itself is ok, nothing too spectacular. The only food place it has is a hot dog and hamburger place(go figure, surprised its not a McDonalds yet). Inside though is one of the best Disney shows I have ever scene. The American Adventure combines audio-animatronics and film to present a quick tour through US history. It is an engaging show for people of all ages and a not to be missed attraction. LazyGeek totally agrees. This definitely not a building you want to nap in. The show is well worth the struggle to stay awake.
In front of the American adventure building is an amphitheater that has a variety of performers and shows through the year. One of the best shows is the annual Candlelight Processional (held at Christmas time each year).

As you enter World Showcase from Future World, The American Adventure is directly across the Lagoon. It is the center-most pavilion in the World Showcase and is flanked by Italy on the east and Japan on the west. It is actually the southern-most point of Epcot.
The pavilion includes an Audio-Animatronic stage show (also called American Adventure), an outdoor stage and amphitheater (American Gardens Theatre), a fast-food eatery (Liberty Inn), and a small shop (Heritage Manor Gifts), all set among landscaped walkways and gardens.
The architecture of the building is done in classic English Georgian style. Elements in the Disney building were inspired by Independence Hall, Boston's Old State House, Monticello, and Colonial Williamsburg . The structure's 110,000 bricks are hand-made from Georgian clay, which were then colored and aged to make them look authentic. The roof is made of slate, and the floor of marble and copper.
Paintings and quotations line the walls of the Main Hall, the West Hall, and the Upper Lobby of the attraction's building. The quotes are from Walt Disney, Samuel Walter Foss, Althea Gibson, Charles A. Lindbergh, Archibald MacLeish, George Magar Markikian, Herman Melville, Ayn Rand, Wendell Lewis Willkie, and Thomas Wolfe.
As you leave the main lobby and proceed into the theater, you must ride escalators or hike a set of stairs through the Hall of Flags . Above you is hung a collection of the flags that have flown over the United States in all of its forms. It includes Revolutionary War flags, Colonial flags, and foreign flags that once had claim to the land. There are 44 flags in all.

The American Adventure
Once it is time for you to move into the theatre, you will be directed from the main hall to escalators and a stairway.  Upstairs, just follow everyone into the theatre.  You sit for the entire show.  All seats are good seats.  The screen is 72 feet wide!
As you sit down before the show, you will notice 12 statues, 6 on each side of the theater. These are the "Spirits of America." On the left side of the theater, from front to back, are Individualism, Innovation, Tomorrow, Independence, Compassion, and Discovery . On the right side of the theater, from front to back, are Freedom, Heritage, Pioneering, Knowledge, Self-Reliance , and Adventure. They are all life-sized, and are highlighted during the final sequence of the show.
The presentation is a showcase for Disney attractions featuring Audio-Animatronic figures, filmed images, moving sets, and sound and lighting effects.  The 30 minute show highlights notable events and great personalities in American History.  It is in no way complete.
Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain are your hosts for the journey through The American Adventure.   Scenes include:  the Pilgrims and the Mayflower; the Boston Tea Party; the writing of the Declaration of Independence; Valley Forge and the Revolutionary War; slavery and the Civil War; the suffering of Native Americans; the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition; the founding of Yosemite National Park; World Wars I and II; and a series of images depicting the people and events of recent history.
The next to last segment in the presentation is a wonderful film montage which has brought a tear to my eye more than once.  Persons shown in the film include:  Neil Armstrong, Leonard Bernstein, Johnny Carson, Walt Disney, Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Judy Garland, Chief Dan George, Alex Haley, Jim Henson, Bob Hope, "Magic" Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Billie Jean King, Mary Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Mary Lou Retton, Sally Ride, Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frank Sinatra, Gloria Steinem, Ryan White, and Frank Lloyd Wright, among others.
The American Adventure has been renovated once, in 1993.  Several changes, including the use of new audio-animatronic figures of Franklin and Twain and an update to the film montage were installed. 
The American Gardens Theatre
Directly across from the American Adventure Building this theatre hosts live stage shows and concerts in Epcot.
Upcoming Events:
Shockwave June 15 - August 24, 2002
Eat to the Beat Concert Series October 19 - November 17
Special events here include the Candlelight Processional (late November - December) and Flower Power Concerts (during the Flower and Garden Festival. The American Gardens Theatre Schedule.
Epcot Attractions At A Glance

Liberty Inn - This is a counter service restaurant that features hot dogs and hamburgers.  There is a large seating area inside and also outside.  The outside area has some umbrellas.  This is basic fast food fare with a couple lighter alternatives such as a Veggie Wrap and Fruit Platter.  As you face the building, the Liberty Inn is on the left side.
Funnel Cakes -   For those seeking a fried dough treat don't miss the Funnel Cake kiosk to the right of the American Adventure Pavilion.
Epcot Restaurants At A Glance
Menus From Around the World
Vegetarian and Other Special Diets

The Voices of Liberty , an a cappella group, sing American patriotic songs.  Check your guide map for times.  Voices of Liberty sings in the atrium of the American Adventure Pavilion (usually about 15 minutes prior to the next showing of the American Adventure).  You can purchase their CD's in the gift shop. 
The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps  
American Vibe - An a cappella vocal group that combines a standup bass player, singers and vocal percussionists.
For more information on Epcot Live Entertainment, Visit Steve Soares WDW Entertainment Website. ******************************

Take a nice 15 minute break, sit on the cool floor just inside the main doors and enjoy the Voices of Liberty or American Vibe! They sing at specific times throughout the day.
The Last Showing of the American Adventure starts at 8:30.  This show is almost always empty as most people have gotten their spots for IllumiNations.
Take a look at the Clock Face.  You will see a numeral IIII, instead of the IV.  This was done to prevent confusion when viewing the clock from a distance.
Hidden Mickey Sighting: Lobby—painting of wagon train heading west—above the front leg of the foremost oxen
Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival Highlights - An incredible bed of bright yellow sunflowers highlight the festivals exhibits at the American Adventure.  There are American Floral Flags accompanied by some Disney characters.  In addition, the topiaries feature Mickey and Minnie and Pocahontas.
Holidays from Around the World features storytellers in each country.  At the American Adventure, Santa Claus and a Chanukah storyteller make appearances throughout the afternoon.
Also during Holidays From Around the World, the American Adventure has a Gingerbread House you'll want to see.  It is made with real gingerbread, candies and icing.
Wheelchair guests should check with the Cast Member upon entering the main hall.  There is an elevator that will take you and your party up to the level where the theatre is located.
Seating is conventional theatre seating.  Wheelchair areas in the back of the theatre.
At the American Adventure, the "seating" for the ECVs was extremely hazardous. We were in the back row of the theater. The CM has us pull down to the last available inch and then "nose in" to the seats in front of us so we could fit more ECVs. There is virtually no room there to maneuver. We were all trapped and it took quite some time to get us out. Several companions to those of us on wheels had to come and lift the ECVs to turn them around. (Beth Christie, 12/01)
Assistive Listening Devices from Guest Services Can Be Used at the American Adventure and the American Gardens Theatre.
Reflective Captioning Available for the American Adventure

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