It's Tough to be a Bug

3-D movie features characters from A Bug's Life along with intense special effects and enough creepy-crawlies to frighten even the toughest of kids...

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This 3-D movie is similar to Jim Henson's MuppetVision 4-D ride in MGM Studios. It coordinates action in the theater with what is happening on the screen. The theater looks like the middle of an anthill, with holes and tunnels everywhere. Keep an eye on some of these holes for an appearance by the protagonist, Flick, played by TV's Dave Foley.
Disney uses almost everything in their bag of tricks in this attraction, so look for the special effects in this performance to become legendary. (Even your senses of touch and smell are stimulated!)
The attendants of this ride repeatedly warn you about the severity of the ride, and they mean it. Older elementary school age kids can probably handle the intensity, but it's unlikely young children will be able to sit through the show. There are segments of complete darkness and some genuinely scary moments.
If you have the constitution and aren't leery of spiders, roaches, and other insects, don't miss this attraction. Lines can get long, but the wait goes quickly due to the Tree's carvings and the funny posters mounted in the waiting area.
The symbol of Disney's Animal Kingdom is the elaborate and impressive Tree of Life which is also home to a show entitled It's Tough to be a Bug. This 3-D movie features characters from A Bug's Life along with intense special effects and enough creepy-crawlies to frighten even the toughest of kids.
Located inside the Tree of Life, It's Tough to Be a Bug is a sit-down 3D movie that you don't want to miss. The lines wind around the Tree of Life, giving you a wonderful chance to check out all the intricate carvings in the tree. Once you reach the staging area, you are given a pair of 3D glasses that look like bug eyes, complete with antennae over the eyes. My favorite part of the staging area is all the movie posters. Each poster features a different type of bug in a different musical parody. And the whole time, the music in the background is showtunes, as done by bugs. Trust me, you have to experience it to believe it.
The show itself is narrated by Flick, everyone's favorite bug. He teaches how hard it is to be a bug. I don't want to give anything away, but needless to say, this is much like two of WDW's other 3D movies, MuppetVision 3D and Honey, I Shrunk The Audience. Not all the action stays on the screen or in the form of 3D images.
Parts of this movie can be scary to younger children, but the great part about 3D movies is that if the glasses are taken off, the movie can still be watched, though it is slightly blurry. I've noticed that it's less scary to see "scary" things on the screen all blurry than to close your eyes and let your imagination be the screen.
No matter what your opinion of bugs, you'll come out of this ride smiling. Don't forget to deposit your glasses on the way out!
In the dark caverns of the roots of the Tree of Life is a 430 seat theatre designed to of special effects.
You will receive a special pair of "bug" glasses with which to wear while you view the show.
Without going into detail, a variety of bugs, spiders and other insects will entertain you...scare you...and get your attention!
There are scenes that may frighten children.

Take your time wandering through the Tree of Life roots -- there are many carvings to discover. Also take time to look up at the Tree of Life itself, again, you will discover many new carvings.
Don't miss the creative movie posters in the waiting area: "A Stinkbug Named Desire," "Web Side Story," "Beauty and the Bee" and "My Fair Lady Bug."
This 3-D movie has warning signs outside. HOWEVER, please use caution when bringing your children (and perhaps yourself) to see this movie. There are hairy bugs, spiders, and it is loud and dark with some intense scenes. That being said, folks LOVE it. Please use some caution when deciding who in your group should watch this. If you have any hesitation, wait till someone you know has seen it.
A number of folks also report the 3D special effects very hard to see clearly -- so don't be surprised if you have a hard time. 
By the way, I enjoyed/understood this attraction much better once I saw the movie A Bug's Life.
Sammantha finished a six-month tour working at Disney's Animal Kingdom and offers some "insider tips":
-- You might not need to bother with a FastPass. The way the line is designed your wait will never be more than 30 minutes.
-- Cast Members will park your strollers for you, so be prepared to take all your belongings with you. (Remember, they just park them, they don't watch them.)
-- Each pair of 3-D glasses is the same, so there's no need to switch them. Cast Members immediately remove those that you've put back and take them to be cleaned.

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