TriceraTop Spin

A 3-minute flying and twirling ride that moves up and down

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The flying, twirling TriceraTop Spin is new for the 100 Years of Magic Celebration! Step into one of the four-person dino vehicles and you'll be moving up and down. Expect a surprise rising from the giant tin top. Guests with any mobility concerns should proceed through the standard queue where a cast member will direct guests to the appropriate boarding area.    
Location: DinoLand U.S.A.-
Trip Time: 3 minutes

The Animal Kingdom has a new mini-land next to DinoLand USA. This family-friendly 'mini-land' adjacent to DinoLand U.S.A. features a dinosaur-themed midway and carnival with games and rides.
Those wacky dino-maniacs Chester & Hester are at it again. First, it was tables, shelves and racks spilling over with dinosaur toys, trinkets and t-shirts at Chester & Hester's. Now, crazed by anything cretaceous, they present Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama!, a fun fair complete with wacky midway games and rides. At this corny carny, guests can play Ringosaurus, toss beanbags into dinosaur jaws or hold on tight on Triceratop Spin and Primeval Whirl.

Triceratop Spin is a hub-and-spoke style attraction (similar to Dumbo at the Magic Kingdom). Guests in 4-person vehicles (16) move up, down and around in a ride that magically becomes a giant spinning toy top. The top rises to reveal -- what else? -- a dinosaur!
Primeval Whirl  features 13 colorful cars that whirl past flying asteroids and corny depictions of dinosaur cut-outs that spin and pop up along the track. The spinning coaster takes guests on a wacky time warp back to the prehistoric era on a twisting track of tight loops and short drops . . . with a final descent into the gaping jaws of a giant dino fossil.
Pam Cronin writes April 20, 2002 We got to ride the Primeval Whirl and loved it! We got a flyer at the park entrance saying that it was still being checked out & there might be periods when they had to stop it; also that the FastPass was not yet operating. Well, there were no stops in operation & the FastPass was working, but we got right on without the FastPass. It's a great ride...from time to time you feel like you're going to slide right off the edge of the ride, & then the free spinning cars throw you a loop & you don't know which direction you're really heading! We'll definitely do it again when we go in October.
Jill Cuckler emailed March 20th: Just to let you know....Primeval Whirl is open now. However, the FastPass is not yet installed. I was at AK yesterday & it was running. The wait was 45 long, so we did not ride it. I had to catch my flight. Primeval Whirl looks very cute. It has lots of big signs around it (very orange) saying that you're traveling back in time. The cars are red buggies that remind me of bumper cars. They seemed to spin some, too.


  "Just wanted to let you know that we returned Saturday (11/25/01) from a 6-day stay at the GF and the Triceratop Spin in AK is open and operational. My daughter and I rode it. It is almost exactly like the new Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride in MK, but I believe it is a little smaller." Patrick Carr
Chester and Hesters Dino-rama is being designed specifically to appeal to younger audiences. It should be very "kid" friendly.
A walk-around Carnotaurus Dinosaur poses for photos! Watch out, he likes to eat your head! :)
There is no dining in the immediate area of Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama. Restaurantasaurus is also in DinoLand U.S.A. and offers a character breakfast (better have a priority seating) and a McDonald's lunch.


"Vice president for Walt Disney Imagineering Joe Rohde said the attractions will bring a new energy to the theme park. "The idea is to create a kiddy-land carnival as you remembered it," Rohde said.
The expansion allows Disney to broaden the appeal of Animal Kingdom to younger visitors while building on the momentum of the park`s April 1998 opening." Orlando Sentinel, 9/30/2000
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An open-air, spinning toy-top attraction with playful, chubby dinosaurs. Up to four guests ride in triceratops vehicles that rise and tilt as they spin around a giant top while cartoon comets whiz past and playful dinosaurs pop up.

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