Tarzan Rocks

Live stage performance filled with all kinds of extreme stunts and live music from the film's soundtrack..

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Swing your way right into a rockin' show on the wild side! It's a live stage performance filled with all kinds of extreme stunts and live music from the film's soundtrack. Plus Tarzan», Jane, Terk, and a cast of jungle gymnasts and rock 'n' roll animals. We're wakin' up the wild side every day.

The Bottom Line
Excellent music and breathtaking acrobatics - Tarzan Rocks! is a not-to-be-missed experience!

Shown several times each day at the Theater in the Wild in Dinoland USA at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Tarzan Rocks! is a live concert-like performance of the movie's excellent soundtrack, spiced up with breathtaking acrobatics, and brief character appearances. Phil Collins fans will be happy to know that all his major compositions for the movie made it into the show.
While the enormous 1400+ seat theater is covered, it is an outdoor venue, and thus not air conditioned. Large fans and refreshments sold prior to the show help keep things reasonably cool during all but the hottest months of the year. The seats are series of unpadded wooden benches and can get fairly uncomfortable after a while. If you have anything semi-soft with you to place between you and the benches, such as a towel or extra clothing, go ahead and use it to sit on - you will be glad you did!

The Show
The show begins with a group of performers in monkey-outfits dropping from the ceiling and pulling open the curtain, behind which more acrobats are swinging from vine-like ropes. Eventually a second sets of curtains drops, revealing the band and a group of dancers performing an abstract ballet to the sounds of "Two World, One Family".
The lead singer then dedicates the next song, "You'll Be In My Heart" to everyone out in the audience.
Soon thereafter, during "Son of Man" the dancers are joined by another group of monkeys, this one made up of roller-blading artists who perform tricks and skate through the entire theater at breathtaking speeds. "Son of Man" concludes with Tarzan appearing, performed by an actor that definitely lives up to the "flying wild man in a loincloth" image.
He then catches sight of Jane, who is drawing pictures of the surroundings into her sketch book and strips off most her clothing to the sounds of "Strangers Like Me". Soon Tarzan and Jane discover their similarities and soar high above the stage together in an impressively choreographed acrobatic sequence.
Then the gorilla Terk takes the stage, performing "Trashin' the Camp" and interacting with the children sitting by the stage. Of course there wouldn't be a Disney show without audience participation, so everyone gets to stomp, snap and clap to the beat of the music for this sequence, trying to be louder than the other sections.
The show ends with a reprise of "Two Worlds, One Family", and the reappearance of Tarzan and Jane.
Tarzan Rocks! is very loud, and since the story of the movie is barely touched upon, tends to bore some people, particularly children, who are not into the music and expect the more typical, story-driven Disney musical.
The best seats for the show are clearly in the front segment, right by the stage. Particularly children will love the attention the dancers, skaters, singers, and especially the characters give them. Alternatively, seats in the first row of the back segment are also highly recommended.

NOTE: The Tarzan Rocks Show will be closed from May 1 to May 27. Rosie O'Donell will be using the stage to tape her Talk ShowTarzan Rocks at Disney's Animal Kingdom, is a great show that is fun for all ages! It is performed several times a day at the Theater in the Wild, in Dinoland USA, it is right next to the Restaurantosaurus Restaurant.
From the NAME of the show, you get a little hint of what it will be like.
It is based on the Animated Movie, Tarzan.It mostly features the Music, it does follow the story line loosely, but it is mainly a ROCK CONCERT, hence the name, Tarzan Rocks
I advise that you arrive at the Theater at least 40 minutes in advance. If you get a map of Animal Kingdom, there will be a show schedule in it. The number of Shows that are performed will vary though the year, in fall, there may only be only 2 or 3 shows a day, but this week, it is Easter Vacation and there are 6 shows a day, but even then they play to Full Houses every time!
About 20 minutes before the show, all of the guest are ushered into the theater. The theater hold 1450, making it the largest show audience in all 4 parks. The seats are wooden benches, arranged like bleachers. There are no bad seats, but the entire front section offers premium viewing. My favorite spot is the first row, in the second level, a large part of the show takes place in isles, and this is a great vantage point.
The stage is designed to look like the jungle. There are vines, trees and ropes hanging from all around. It also looks a little bit futuristic in a way, some of the scenery is silver metal and chrome.
Before the show vendors, sell frozen lemonade, popsicles, coke and pretzels.They walk around the theater. You are also allowed to bring your own refreshments inside.
After everyone is seated, the lights begin to dim, Loud jungle sounds come form the speakers, You hear a few lines of dialog from the Movie. All of a sudden, the curtain rises, as the song Two worlds, One Family plays, There is a live Rock band on stage! Monkey's swing down from the trees and Dancers, dressed like jungle animals dance to the music. Some of the dancers swing from a trapeze. It is almost like the circus.It is a very high energy number.
The next number is a bit slower, the song You'll be in my heart is performed. The dancers and The band are great.
As the next song Son of Man is performed, Tarzan Finally makes his first appearance.He swings in on a vine! The monkey's come into the audience, they perform acrobats, they do tricks on roller blades on the stage. It is really fun to watch.
Tarzan meets Jane! They perform a dance in the middle of the Air, they swing together on a vine . They dance to the song Strangers like Me .The do wild spins in the air, they are not using a safety wire.
Next. Terk, runs out on the ramp, in the middle of the stage. She gets the audience to help her sing a song , each section of the audience is given a series of claps and stomps and musical notes to sing, when they are combine they sound like to song from the Movie, Trashing the Camp.
The Finale is a reprise of the song 2 World's, One Family.
The entire cast is on stage singing and dancing, Tarzan a Jane swing in on a vine, as Tarzan belts out his famous Yell!
As the audience exits, you hear the Phil Collins and N"SYNC version of the song Trashing the Camp.
The whole show last 35 minutes. Tarzan is on stage for about 3 minutes.
But I guess they had to make the show short, because the movie WAS 2 hours long!
Up tempo and entertaining
I recently completed a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. I stayed off-site with a friend (at no cost). I visited all the (non-water) parks but took no children with me. All of my Disney World reviews will be written from this perspective. I will include this as the opening paragraph for all my reviews for informational purposes. Please forgive the repetition. The following is all original information:
Wow! Rocks is right! This show features a few of the characters form the movie Tarzan combined with plenty of loud rockinÍ music. If you or your kids are sensitive to loud music/noise, you may want to skip this one.
DonÍt get me wrong, the show is fantastic! Tons of acrobatic monkeys, vine swinging and even a prolonged rollerblade stunt sequence. Tarzan Rocks features a male lead singer and two female back-up vocalists, all of whom are terrific. The stage is made up to look like the jungle environment in which Tarzan was raised, complete with trees, vines and skateboard ramps. Come to think of it, I donÍt remember the ramps in the movie, oh well. The rear of the stage houses a complete band (they provide the "Rocks!" portion of the show).
While the show contains a minimal amount of audience participation, the show is very entertaining. With plenty of music, flashing lights, and dancing the audience is never bored. While I didnÍt mind the loudness of the music, I noticed several parties leaving as the show reached itÍs crescendo. Appropriate for all ages, Tarzan Rocks is a great show for all ages provided they can stand the volume.
Great fun, cool concert, great skating, acrobatics, show
nothing to do with real animals except humans
This show rocks in all senses of the word. It starts out almost as a regular music concert, though with no content you couldn't take youngsters to see. Later on the performers do stunts and jumps on roller skates on stage, and later still even roller skate through the audience. There are many other amazing acrobatic feats apart from this, including some Tarzan type swinging. The show is full of surprises - I was convinced it was just a regular rock concert when everyone started roller skating, surprised again when they skated through the audience, surprised when Tarzan began swinging at last. I won't say much more about the acrobatics, I want to leave some surprises for you too.
Try to get a seat near the front - you can see the stage much better, although members of the cast do skate all the way through the back.
Despite being in the Animal Kingdom, don't go here with the wrong expectations. This show has nothing to do with nature or the jungle, and very little to do with the original Tarzan or any of his Disney successors, except that the man who swings through the air is indeed an excellent Tarzan. This isn't about his adventures though, it just stars a muscular acrobat in a cool looking loincloth. If you know the original, you can relate the songs to various themes, but you can enjoy the show just as well without them.
More show times needed
I wasn't sure what to expect from this show and I was literally rocked out of my seat!
A live rock-n-roll band puts a "rockin" tune to all the Tarzen movie songs while at the same time there are acrobatics, dancing and rollerblading going on everywhere!
Tarzan and Jane looked "exactly" like the cartoon characters and there speciality was doing ballet acrobats from the ropes above the stage which was absolutely beautiful! At the same time you had "monkeys" on rollerblades performing outstanding tricks, leaps, jumps and turns on the ramps that were set up on stage and around it. The group of dancers had wonderful costumes and really brought the show together nicely.
The music was energetic and you couldn't help but dance and sing with the live band! Even if you have never seen Tarzan you will love this show. If you are a Tarzan lover you will appreciate it all the more and LOVE what they did to the musical pieces. Don't miss this show!
--Get to the show about 45 minutes before it starts to get in line. This show fills up really fast and they only have 2 a day.
--Sit down in front around the stage. Many of the performers and characters come out and perform right next to you on the little "walkways" up the middle.
--This was the only show I went to that actually sold food and drink. This was nice since you don't have to worry about making that "drink stop" or quick snack beforehand.
It is very enjoyable for both genders and for people of all ages!
For some people, the show may not be exciting enough.
Working in Dinoland, USA, Animal Kingdom, I get the privilege of seeing all the attractions and shows here in Walt Disney World. Even more so, I get to transact with the guests and tell them which shows are 'must-see's and which ones are duds. Tarzan Rocks is just one of the fabulous things about Dinoland, USA.
From May 1, 2000 to June 1, 2000, many guests will come to Dinoland and find out that seeing Tarzan Rocks was only a dream for their vacation, due to the fact that Rosie O'Donnel will be using the stage for filming on May 15-18. Also, they'll get smacked in the face with the info that they won't be able to see the show, just because they have a ticket into the park...that all tickets were sent out through the mail.
Now for the good stuff...
Tarzan Rocks! is an awesome show which includes a body-shaven muscle man in a loin cloth who meets a tightly-clothed woman in the jungle. About 4 of Phil Collin's songs are used during the show. The show revolves are the theme, "Two Worlds, One Family." Disney did a fabulous job on the costumes used in the show, as one would expect them to. Afterall, Disney does hold the Guiness Record for the biggest costuming warehouse with the most costumes inside. There are about 10 Gorillas that do stunts on roller blades and acrobatics around sturdy ropes tied throughout the stage. The concert consists of 1 male singer, 2 back-up singers, a VERY talented drummer, 2 guitar-players, 1 Tarzan, 1 Jane, Terk, about 10 Gorillas, and about 5 dancers with the funkiest costumes I've ever seen. Tarzan is only present for about 60-90 seconds throughout the 12 minute concert, and makes a fabulous display of his crafted body. If I were to hire a personal trainer, his would be it. Both Tarzan's and Jane's bodies are beautifully sculpted through fitness training, and it shows!
The opening curtain to the stage simply says "Tarzan Rocks." The stage is made up of many metal pipes twisting and turning all over the place sculpted to look like trees, with roller blading ramps through them to give the allusion of surfing through the trees as was shown in the movie. Many 'vines' are present, 4 of which made out of the same material as your seat belt for a scene which Tarzan and Jane act out, 1 which is about 3 inches thick which Tarzan flies down on in the middle of the show, and 2 more that are used to give the allusion of opening the curtains earlier on in the show. The BEST seating is available in the middle of the theater directly in front of the stage, even though most would first think that they are the seats within reach of the stage. The seating area makes a U shape around the protruding stage and is stadium seating. The best place for seating as mentioned above is best received if you sit right behind the VIP section, which will be roped off during the show. I know, because every time I've seen the show, I've gotten VIP seating. The way one may achieve VIP status for one of the shows is by simply asking one of the cast members if you and your party may be V.I.P.'d for the show. It might also help if you mentioned someone's name that worked around in the area.
The show provides few photo opportunities, but the best ones include the times when Tarzan is flying onto the stage, when Terk is meeting with the crowd, and when the curtain is down before the show starts. It is recommended that one should start waiting in line at least 20-30 minutes before show time, which shouldn't be too bad, because that's less wait than most people spend on the attractions in the area. The show is GREAT for children, but the wait is not. What I recommend doing is having a spouse wait in line, and about 10 minutes prior to the show meet back up with the person waiting in line for you so you can go see the show...while the person is waiting in line, take the children to the playground, less than 25 yards from the line. The playground is not only AWESOME for the children, but I would even recommend going into it even if you are going with a date into DAK, or Disney's Animal Kingdom.
I would suspect that I've mentioned anything you can about this show without going past the limits of my contract, so enjoy.
good music, good set
it's for a particular audience
The Bottom Line
This is a very good show, a good set, good costumes, good music and very energetic. It may not be for everyone.
If you go to Animal Kingdom, there is a show called Tarzan Rocks in the dinosaur area. Get there early. I've seen it three times, and each time I had to wait on line for at least a half an hour.
The theatre is outdoors, but under a large tent. The theatre holds several thousand people. This show will not be enjoyed by everyone. It has very upbeat rock style music. It has music from the movie Tarzan. It is very energetic. If this is not your style, you may not enjoy this show.
The setting is a jungle. Tarzan and Jane look just like the characters in the movie. I am always amazed how Disney gets real people to look like cartoon characters. There is a rock band on stage. I enjoyed the show a lot, but as I said it may not be for everyone. I noticed all the children really seemed to enjoy it.
The best part of the show was the monkeys on rollerblades. They skated all through the audience and up and down a ramp. They did many rollerblade tricks. They were excellent skaters.
If you enjoyed the music and the movie Tarzan, you will probably like this show
Fast moving, great music, exciting, different
It was a little loud for my youngest
The Bottom Line
I would recommend that anyone who enjoys the music from Tarzan and being entertained count this among the must-do attractions while at Animal Kingdom.
We absolutely loved Tarzan Rocks! It is an amazing rock & roll show, combined with some amazing skateboarding. I was totally unprepared for it. I expected some laid back rendition from the movie. I didn't expect the hard driving, fast moving experience I had.
While it's similar to the movie, it's also very different, even more so than most of the live action shows that Disney offers. It's not so much telling the story as it's transporting you to a feeling as only Disney can do. And the tricks are fantastic, believe me.
It was especially fun to watch skateboarding that mimicked what Tarzan & Jane did in the movie when they first met.
All in all, it's a great show and not to be missed.
A high energy 30 minute live show based on Walt Disney Picture's Tarzan.
...AND Rock it does from start to finish!
I had no idea what was in store for me as I stood in line for the live show Tarzan Rocks! Based on "Tarzan", a 1999 Disney animated feature film, "Tarzan Rocks!" brings the high energy and music of the motion picture to life for 30 minutes! And Rock YOU will as you watch this show! In addition to Tarzan, Jane and Terk -- there are singers, dancers, musicians, gymnasts, in-line skaters and aerialists who will entertain you in DinoLand USA's Theater in the Wild (former home of the Jungle Book).
"This unique show is a stylistic fusion of rock concert spectacle and a classic action/adventure story that creates a theatrical thrill ride," says the show's director, Reed Jones. The performers fill the theatre during one song set and are both among and above the audience.
The four-act show features five songs from the film's soundtrack, including the hit single "You'll Be In My Heart." Terk performs Trashin' the Camp and the audience even gets a chance to practice their Tarzan Yell!
During the show, Tarzan and Jane soar above the crowd in a lofty ballet and Tarzan makes a thrilling slide rappel over the audience.
The entire cast of 27 is back on stage for one last reprise of "You'll Be In My Heart" as this high energy show comes to an end.
I highly recommend Tarzan Rocks!, especially if you're need a break from walking and want to be re-energized! This is now a must see on my Animal Kingdom list of shows and attractions right with Festival of the Lion King, Dinosaur, Asia's Tiger Trek and Kilimanjaro Safaris!
Kids seem to love the show! Terk can often be found for photos and autographs in either the Camp Minnie-Mickey Character Trails or at the park entrance.
Your review was right on, it was really a rockin' fast paced show. All of us, again,
thought it was excellent. Including my "no-shows, only rides" 5-year old. (Tony Balistreri)
There are no places to eat in the immediate vicinity of Tarzan Rocks. There are 2 places to consider in DinoLand U.S.A. Fast Snacks can be found at the Dino Diner or visit Restaurantosaurus home of Donald's Character Breakfast and McDonald's lunches!
The only shop in DinoLand U.S.A. is Chester and Hester's Dinosaur Treasures, themed to be a road-side tacky souvenier store. You can find logo merchandise for the Dinosaur attraction, lots and lots of soft plastic dinosaurs that your kids will probably want but they won't fit in any suitcase :), and of course lots of t-shirts, keychains, buttons, postcards, and more.
Tarzan Rocks performs several times a day in Disney's Animal Kingdom 1,500-seat amphitheater.   The four-act show features five songs from the film's soundtrack.
Tarzan Rocks!
We saw Tarzan Rocks! at the Theater in the Wild at Animal Kingdom on its Opening Day, July 9, 1999! Our review of this wonderful live stage show is to the right, with show basics below.
Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom, DinoLand U.S.A., Theater in the Wild
Wait: Depends on when you arrive. An awning shelters guests from the sun and rain while standing in line for seating. Seating begins about 15-20 minutes before the performance begins.
Seating: Wooden benches with backs, all under cover from sun and rain. The two sections nearest the stage on the left and right offer the best views, but the section in the middle just behind the sound/light booth is also good.
Show: About 30 minutes
Shows Per Day: Four or five (check your guidemap for times)
- Cast members circulate through the audience selling drinks and frozen treats. Additionally, a trailer is set up near the entrance to the theater selling McDonald's fries.
- The music is very loud, though no one in the audience during our performance
seemed to take objection to it.
- You may take flash pictures and videotape the performance, but you cannot
use the lights on your camcorders.
If you've also seen the show, please e-mail us with your experiences so we may add them to this page!
Sometimes luck is with you. With no advance knowledge on our part we arrived at Disney's Animal Kingdom on the opening day of the new Tarzan Rocks! Show at DinoLand U.S.A.'s Theater in the Wild. Tarzan Rocks! replaced Journey into the Jungle Book, and, to borrow a phrase, this is not your father's Jungle Book!
Tarzan Rocks! really does rock. It's a dynamically staged rock concert with all the sound, lights, dancers, and other on stage pyrotechnics you've come to expect from a major rock and roll tour. And like rock and roll, it's very loud! The songs Phil Collins wrote for the soundtrack of Disney's newest animated feature, Tarzan, are all here, presented in new arrangements by a live, on stage rock band and a trio of vibrant vocalists that attack the tunes with more energy than Phil Collins could ever muster. Of all the shows at Walt Disney World, this one has the most in common with the Festival of the Lion King over at Camp Minnie Mickey. There's no real attempt to tell a story or to recreate the movie, and guests hoping to see a lot of Tarzan and other characters from the movie will be disappointed. It's just pure, musical entertainment.
As we sat in the audience prior to the show we marveled at the elaborate stage preparation. There are long ramps running from the sides of the theater down to the stage, and another ramp running out into the middle of the audience. Flanking the stage are two huge vine-encrusted trees built of gleaming, twisted steel tubing, through which the side ramps pass on their way to the stage. The stage itself was dark, though, giving no hint as to what was to come.
The show began, and the lights came up to reveal a four-piece rock band arrayed on large, tubular steel scaffolding and illuminated by brilliant concert lighting. The drums thundered from an excellent sound system, and singers, dancers and a troupe of acrobats poured out onto the stage to announce the "Tarzan Rocks Two Worlds Concert Tour." They then broke into an energetic rendition of "Two Worlds." The numbers flowed smoothly from one to the next, with "You'll Be in My Heart" and "Son of Man" hot on its heels. The acrobats wore costumes that suggested "chimpanzee" and swung from ropes in a manner familiar to all circus fans. As the show progressed the center of the stage rose to create a series of ramps, and the now-rollerblading acrobats took advantage of all the ramps to swoop and soar all over the stage.
Finally, during the third number, Tarzan swings in on a rope, all muscles and loincloth. Jane enters soon afterwards in her familiar yellow dress. She starts by dancing, but it's soon clear that both she and Tarzan are accomplished acrobats. Jane sheds her finery in favor of a costume more sensible for "vine" (rope) work, and together they swing out over the audience for " Strangers Like Me."
Tarzan and Jane leave, and Tarzan's great ape buddy Terk bounds onto the stage (the only character to appear in full "guise") for a rollicking version of "Trashin' the Camp" (Doo wop she doo) that gets the whole audience playing along. After all that excitement, all that's left is a full-tilt, rocking finale of "You'll Be in My Heart."
Our compliments go to the entire cast and crew of Tarzan Rocks! Lead vocalists Montego, Abbey, and Scott present a dynamic stage presence and belt out the tunes with clear-voiced brilliance. The band is a tight, professional ensemble, and the entire troupe of dancers and acrobats are right on the mark. Tarzan and Jane look like they stepped right off the screen into real life, and move through their acrobatic routines with grace and confidence. Special credit goes to the entire creative and technical staff for designing and staging a fabulous show. All together, Tarzan Rocks! left the audience shouting for more. Between this and Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, you can now have a rockin' great time at Walt Disney World.
Reader Comments:
I LOVED the show. We were there early in the morning and the energy of the performers was amazing! Tarzan is a HUNK and Jane was just beautiful. I loved the whole thing. I wanted to get right bcak in line to see it again when it was through. Add it to the do not miss list!! „ bfdpnc@gateway.net
The show takes place in on outdoor theatre, which has been covered over by a tarp.  This keeps the audience out of the brutal sunlight.  There are fans circulating air, so it is quite comfortable.  Vendors come around before the show starts to sell Lemon Ice's for $2.50 (price as of 6/00).   Nothing frightening occurs during the show, but it is VERY LOUD, so take that into consideration if you have a child that dislikes loud noises.   There is singing, dancing, acrobatics, roller blading, and rope acrobatics, all accompanied by the music from Disney's Tarzan movie.  It is a charming show, well worth your time.  You will see Tarzan, Jane, and Terk (to the delight of the children in the audience).
Smoking is prohibited in the theatre.  The only problem with the show is exiting.  Everyone is ushered towards their right, rather than the way you came in which causes a lot of confusion.  It takes a long time for the theatre to clear out, and when you do get outside, you must make your way around all of the strollers parked outside the exit.  
This was different than I thought. I was expecting something like the Beauty and The Beast show at MGM. A "quickie" version of the story on stage. It isn't. It is a Rock Band with dancers basically. They do a lot of the songs from the show and they are quite good. There are Monkeys who climb all over the set, and even Roller blade all around and do stunts on stage. They were very acrobatic. There were catwalks all over the stage, they came from the ceiling and dropped down. Look all around you, there are walkways everywhere. I tried to capture some in the pictures. Tarzan comes out, and along with Jane, swing around the set to the music. Terk comes out and "sings" and dances for the audience too. It was an entertaining show. The kids enjoyed it too.
Tarzan Rocks
"Tarzan Rocks!" Takes Audiences on Theatrical Thrill Ride At Disney's Animal Kingdom
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Swinging and singing his way into Disney's Animal Kingdom, Tarzan turns rock 'n' roll star in "Tarzan Rocks!" -- the new stage spectacle debuting July 9 at the newest Walt Disney World theme park. Based on "Tarzan," Walt Disney Pictures' latest animated feature film, "Tarzan Rocks!" brings the emotion of the hit motion picture to life in a high-energy and high-flying 30-minute extravaganza.
Singers, dancers, gymnasts, aerialists and in-line skaters join three of the film's stars -- Tarzan, Jane and Terk -- on stage at the theme park's Theater in the Wild to take guests "on tour" with their new musical road show. Highlights from the movie's soundtrack combine with extreme stunts, spectacular costumes and audience participation to create the kinetic atmosphere.
"This unique show is a stylistic fusion of rock concert spectacle and a classic action/adventure story that creates a theatrical thrill ride," says the show's director, Reed Jones.
Set in the jungle, the outdoor theater is decked with giant vines, in-line skate ramps, cloud swings, live foliage, large trees and Spanish web. The show's costuming creates a primitive and ritualistic mood with colors drawn from the animated film's color palette.
The four-act show features five songs from the film's soundtrack, including the hit single "You'll Be In My Heart." Written by pop superstar Phil Collins, the collection of songs also features a performance of "Trashin' the Camp," performed by Terk, the wise-cracking girl-gorilla. Terk belts out her best tune as aerialist apes tumble about and pyrotechnics explode on-stage. Terk also leads the audience in an interactive "rock race" and gives guests the chance to practice their very own "Tarzan yell."
And the excitement is not limited to the stage! A virtual jungle gym of stunt equipment fills the theater as the action spills into (and above) the audience.
During the show, Tarzan and Jane soar above the crowd in a lofty ballet and Tarzan makes a thrilling slide rappel over the audience. In-line skaters perform extreme stunts on-stage and make their way into the aisles.
The show's 27 performers return to the stage for the finale, a reprise of "You'll Be In My Heart."
"Tarzan Rocks!" will be presented several times daily in Theater in the Wild, a 1,500-seat amphitheater overlooking Discovery River near DinoLand U.S.A. The show joins the line-up of original and imaginative live shows presented daily throughout Disney's Animal Kingdom.
In addition to "Tarzan Rocks!" guests will find something new in every corner of Walt Disney World Resort: at the Magic Kingdom, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the return of the "Main Street Electrical Parade"; at Epcot, the high-speed thrills of Test Track; at Disney-MGM Studios, the nighttime magic of "Fantasmic!" and the high-volume fun of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster; at Disney's Animal Kingdom, a whole new land -- Asia -- including Kali River Rapids, a white-water rafting attraction; and at Downtown Disney, the incredible theatrics and acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil¬. For more Walt Disney World Resort information, call 407/824-4321 or visit www.disneyworld.com.

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