The Boneyard

This giant playground allows you to dig for the remains of triceratops, T-rex and other lost giants...

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The Boneyard   DinoLand U.S.A.
Animal Kingdom Type of attraction: playground
Our rating: 3 out of 4   Readers' Overall Rating: 2.2
Children: 4.0    Pre-teens: 1.5    Teenagers: 2.3
Young Adults: 2.3    Middle Aged: 1.5    Older Adults: 1.5
Climb around the digging site, slide down the dirt chutes and uncover a skeleton. Note: This attraction is great for children to burn off some energy
The Boneyard
Your chance to become an paleontologist and dig (for real) through this site for remains of these giant creatures including a Wooly Mammoth.
Description: This giant playground allows you to dig for the remains of triceratops, T-rex and other lost giants.
Location: DinoLand U.S.A.-#17 on Map Below
Guests using wheelchairs should follow the standard queue to the access gate. The rough floor surface of this attraction may make maneuvering hard for guests using wheelchairs. The upper level and many of the play areas are available to those guests who are able to leave their wheelchairs. This attraction is not recommended for guests using EVCs.
Time: You may utilize this area for as long as the park is open.

The BoneYard is an interactive playground for children, similar to Honey I Shrunk the Kids at the Disney-MGM Studios.  It is located on your left as cross under the 50-foot-tall brachiosaurus and enter DinoLand U.S.A.
Basically a place for kids to blow off some steam and cool off in this "Dig Site" playground. The flooring is a spongy mat-like material to prevent bad bumps while the children have some fun.
There are lots of things for children to climb on, over, around, and through (like this Spill Chute).
Your kids can discover the bones of Tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and others from the dinosaur age.
The Boneyard is for children 4 years and older. Smaller adults may be able to move around in the tunnels and slides, but the areas really are scaled for children.
As the kids enter, kind of off to the right behind the jeep, is a set of fossilized bones set into the (wall) side of the hill. Knock on the rib bones to play a note. This is called the xylobone. If you can't find it ask a Cast Member for help (Mike Sluss)
There's no time limit at this attraction - the hardest part may be coaxing your child out of the play area!
It can get very hot in The Boneyard area when temps are high, so be sure and bring water in for you and your children!
"We went to the Boneyard to let the younger children dig for bones & play. This probably was a big mistake, since the playground is extremely hot during the day in the middle of the summer. After about 15 minutes, we all left...exhausted. (The Belcher Family)"
Hidden Mickey Sighting: Playground„in soft ground covering under the ground-level drinking fountain
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Assistive Listening Devices from Guest Services Can Be Used Here.
Reflective Captioning Available.
The Boneyard is definetly for kids! Let them romp around and have a good time.
Lots of photo ops so be sure and bring your camera with you.
There are no characters associated with this attraction.
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There is no dining in the immediate area of The Boneyard. However, the Dino Diner is just before you cross under the Dinosaur and has quick snacks. Restaurantasaurus is also in DinoLand U.S.A. and offers a character breakfast (better have a priority seating) and a McDonald's lunch.
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The only shop in DinoLand U.S.A. is Chester and Hester's Dinosaur Treasures, themed to be a road-side tacky souvenier store. You can find logo merchandise for the Dinosaur attraction, lots and lots of soft plastic dinosaurs that your kids will probably want but they won't fit in any suitcase :), and of course lots of t-shirts, keychains, buttons, postcards, and more.
Casts were taken from real dinosaur bones found in places like UtahÍs Dinosaur National Park, then reproduced in a plastic-cement which looks and feels real.
The Boneyard sign is a replica of a Stegosaurus's shoulder blade.
At A Glance
Kids playground and exploration area in Dinoland USA.
The Boneyard area of Dinoland USA is an exploration area particularly suited to the parks younger guests, where they can dig for fossil dinosaur bones in a large discovery-oriented playground.
The area is themed to resemble a paleontological dig site, complete with a cast replica of a fossilised dinosaur waiting to be discovered. It is also littered with clues about how the dinosaurs lived and ultimitely died.
There are a range of other attractions in the area as well for those not interested in digging for bones. A playable bone xylophone, varoius slides and a fossil filled maze for example, whilst dinosaur footprints (pawprints?) emit a range of roaring sounds when they're stepped in.
The two sides of the Boneyard are linked by the OldenGate Bridge - a gateway structure built out of the giant skeleton of a dinosaur.
The Boneyard
Just past the Oldengate Bridge on the left, kids of all ages will enjoy exploring the Boneyard.  This educational playground is a replica of a dig site with rope ladders, tunnels and slides, on varying levels for you to explore to your heartÍs content.  The soft cushiony floor makes for a safe play area.  There are a number of interactive displays here as well.  DonÍt be afraid to open doors and lids to crates, or step on dinosaur footprints because you never know what youÍll encounter.
There are dig site notes and facts posted around the walls of the enclosed area and the fossils here are archaeologically correct.
Nearby the sandbox area is not filled with real sand, but rather a no-stick variety known as ñTexas gritî.  Here children can play archaeologist and dig for the faux remains of a 10,000-year old woolly mammoth.  Throughout the day, the sandbox is periodically closed so that these precious bones can be reburied for the next group of budding archaeologists to discover!
The Boneyard is wheelchair accessible.
Great for all ages
This was the highlight of animal kingdom for my kids. The boneyard consists of two parts--the playground and the actual boneyard.
This was a nice place to sit and unwind while the kids had a ball. The playground has a huge climbing area (probably 4 stories tall and the size of a building) where kids can climb up and down all different levels with oodles of different slides. Also included in the playground is some small man-made caves that also have tiny waterfalls to cool down just enough. Around the caves are other props such as an old jeep that the kids can go crazy on as well as smaller slides and rocks--great area especially for the littler ones who can't climb the big stuff. I had trouble getting my kids out of the playground they were having so much fun!
This is wonderful for adults to join their kids on as well.
Disney did a fantastic job with the boneyard. It is a huge area filled with sand in which entire dinosaur skeletons lurk beneath. They have special brushes (just like the experts use) to carefully clean off and unearth the skeletons. The entire area is covered with a huge and high wood roof which makes the entire area look like a real dino digging expedition.
They also have hug rocks surrounding the sandy area in which adults can rest and cool off. They have fans blowing in huge amounts of mist which brings the temperature down in that area at least 30 degrees--I was personally thankful for that!
Be sure to stop into the boneyard and plan to spend at least an hour there. My kids could have easily spent the entire day in this one attraction it was so fantastic.
--I would go here at the hottest part of the day since it is equipped with many different ways to cool off
--We placed this attraction in the middle of two "adult" rides which worked out well for the kids.
ropes course, lots of other kids to play with
must be careful on a really hot day
The Boneyard is a dinosaur themed playground as only Disney can present it: it can be a delight to parents and children simultaneously.
Children will absolutely run themselves ragged climbing the just challenging enough ropes course and returning to the bottom via slide. One parent will, however, have to continuously chase your kid(s) around. As usual Disney has mapped out this scenario and all passages are passable for adults.
While the junior ropes course is great for the kids it isn't the only attraction. There is also a broken down jeep to pretend to be using on your dinosaur dig. This jeep is easy for kids to climb onto and off of and holds about 3-4 kids with no problem. The Boneyard also contains small "caves" which feature ingrained fossils and caveman writing on the walls. The caves will require some flexibility by adults in order to keep up with the kids, so be ready.
A fun thing to do when visiting the boneyard is to look for the paleontologists who are working behind a locked door. When the kids try to open the door a voice from inside the cave yells,"Close the door, you little rascal!" This is hilarious for the 4 and under set, as I learned when my daughter had me try to open the door about 15 times consecutively in order to hear the man holler at Daddy.
There is usually not wait for the Boneyard and kids love the opportunity to get a little wild and release the energy built up by long waits in line. This playground is a perfect place for kids to exercise, build their appetite, and fatigue themselves to the point of collapse(in a good way). In order to make your vacation as relaxing as possible and have the kid(s) asleep at a reasonable hour take advantage of the Boneyard and its sleep inducing power.
Great fun for the kids, restful for parents
The little rocks get in your shoes
After being discouraged by overwhelming crowds at all the attractions, and the sweltering heat, we headed for the boneyard. Here we found the best attraction of animal kingdom.
You enter the area by passing under a bridge that has a large dinosaur on it. On one side there is a large climbing area with slides. There are several levels here, so it is good for preschoolers as well as older children. On the other side of the boneyard in a large "sandpit", which is actually very small rocks. Buried here are large "dinosaur" bones awaiting discovery. Shovels, buckets and brushes are all provided. My children spent over an hour in the pit, enjoying a respite from the over stimulating park, and we had a well needed rest in the shade nearby.
We had to drag the kids away from the boneyard, and made a second visit during our trip. I highly recommend a stop if you visit the park, you may discover you have a paleontologist in the making.
none, it's disney
The first time we went to Animal Kingdom it was before it's official opening so not everything was open yet therefore we spent a large amount of time here. Now there are rides for my daughter to ride, animals to see, characters to meet yet I still can't tear her away from here. There is really too much to go over it all but I will discribe the jist of it.
This is a very supped up playplace. It has huge nets to climb (or you can take the stairs) and it goes higher and higher, having different levels of slides. You slide and crawl through tunnels, walk over bridges and more. It is done up exquisitly like an excavation site. There are also jeeps to climb on. There is a smaller area off to the side with smaller slides and stairs for the younger toddler set. The tunnels, jeep, etc make it heavon for the photographer, I almost went through a roll of the kids. Over a bridge there is another area where you came dig up wooly mammoth bones. The staff provides seives and brushes. This area is also perfect for pictures.
The one thing that scares me is it is very large and I cannot fit through the tubes together with my 4 year old daughter so I worry about her staying up there alone or sliding down and being alone until I slide down. The good news is there is only one way in and out that is manned by a cast member.
All in all this is fun even for the adults trying to keep up. We leave tomorrow for Disney World and my daughter is already asking if we can go to the dinosaurs. This is a must stop area but don't discount that it is only a playground, allow enough playtime for the kids and take plenty of pictures of your budding archealogists.
Good place to rest
Today,my daughter wanted to go to the Animal Kingdom and I thought,"oh no,not again." I always felt that this park opened too soon and that there really isn't enough to do as far as rides go. Guess what, We still went.
Off to the Animal Kingdom with an enthusiastic child in hand and I was not looking forward to this. Thank goodness for the annual passes or I really wasn't looking forward to this.
She wanted to go to the Boneyard and we had never been there. So I felt that since we both had never been there,it might be fun. Well was I surprised. There were kids everywhere with paint brushes that you would paint a room with. They all had a blast trying to dig up fossils. Now,here is where I had a good time. I just sat in the shade with the fans blowing all over and just watched my child have a great time.
We stayed for over an hour and she met some really nice children. The looks on their faces were great as they found fossils.
This is a great spot when you want to rest without telling your children that you are tired. They think that you are letting them play,but you are resting.
Check this cool spot out next time you visit. You will have fun.
It's fun for ALL AGES!!!!
You can't take it home with you.
The Boneyard is a close 2nd to being the best thing of all Walt Disney World attractions... The Boneyard is a playground meant to educate and entertain your children. The playground is filled with slides that can make any person scream from excitement...
The floor of the Boneyard is made of recycled tires and plastics to make a soft walking surface for your children, but also so that if your child were to fall down, no serious injury would be incurred. There are safety ropes and stairways that keep your children safe throughout their whole stay in the Boneyard. Also, there is one entrance, which happens to also be the only way out of the playground, allowing parents to let their children play, while the parents supervise from a park bench. Much easier to relax that way, when you know your child won't get lost. Also, the playground is under constant supervision by the many cast members hired for the area.
The Boneyard includes dinosaur heads, a bridge to a digging hole, and many other items constructed to educate your children, and yourself! Most children love to go across the bridge built underneath the famous Bracheosaurus, also called the Oldengate Bridge. While across the bridge, children may use digging tools and brushes to find dinosaur bones, cleverly covered by sand the night before. Your children will be excited when they see that they have found something of worth that they can show you, their parent(s).
The Boneyard isn't just for children...I went into the playground one night while cast members, like myself, were having a party to celebrate DAK's (Disney Animal Kingdom's) 2nd year anniversary. It's hard to come up with better places where I've had more fun than inside that boneyard! If you are just going to DAK on a date, make sure you don't miss the boneyard. If you want to know what the BEST ride in all of Walt Disney World is, read my next epinion on the Buzz Lightyear ride...if I can find the category...
cheers :)
Resting place for parents
Babysitting area for parents
The boneyard was the second place we headed after taking the safari ride. I don't think anyplace was as crowded as this place was. There were so many children that you could barely see the dinosour bones. More children were jumping off the bones into the sand than were trying to find the bones.
The playground was even more crowded than the bone digging place was. The man that was suppose to be controlling the amount of children going in was too busy talking to another employee about what pins they were wearing, so there were far too many children inside. Although it was neat that the children could go inside little areas of the caves, and the slides and stairs and bridges were kind of fun, I felt that I was at a Burger King or McDonald's playplace without the food. Although it was not Disney's fault, I think more parents used this as a babysitting tool than an adventure park. The children far outweighed the number of parents there.
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