Flights of Wonder

amazing display of birds in free flight....

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Your heart will take flight as you watch an amazing assortment of birds display their wondrous natural behaviors. It's a soaring celebration of winged wonders.
Embark on a journey in search of lost treasures with Luke and Phoenix who
encounter an amazing display of birds in free flight.
Where is the show?
Flights of Wonder is presented at the Caravan Stage in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom. The arena seats about 1000 people and it is covered so you won't get wet in the rain but it also tends to hold heat in underneath the awnings when it is warm outside. There are some fans to move the air around. You are seated on benches.
What exactly is the show?
Flights of Wonder showcases birds. Birds are great! It's nice to see a bird show in which the birds exhibit natural behaviors. If you're looking for that type of show, you won't find it here. While some of the birds do just that, you'll also see (and hear) singing parrots and the old trick of a hawk swooping to take money from a member of the audience. I've seen these same exact "acts" at the Bird Show at the San Diego Wild Animal Parkt. In fact one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life was the emu at the San Diego Wild Animal Park who did nothing but run back and forth between two trainers begging for food. Disney could have put together a show of that caliber but unfortunately, fell far short.
The birds are the stars of Flights of Wonder and you get to see owls, parrots, chickens, hawks and falcons. Unfortunately for photographers, most of the birds blend into the background surroundings so it's difficult to really get good photographs. Most other bird shows I've seen have more contrast in the background. Granted, a natural background is what you would have in the wild but you aren't going to have a parrot singing "How Much is that Doggy in the Window?" in the wild so how difficult would it be to make photographs easier?

There is a strong message about ecology, environment and conservation and how they relate to birds.
If you stay after the show lets out, you ordinarily get a good opportunity to see some of the birds a little closer.
So, who might enjoy this show?
Maybe we just came at the right time, but my wife and I didn't have to wait long to get in to see the show. You're in an outdoor theater covered by awnings which must come in useful when it rains, seated on rows of benches. Once we were seated we waited a few more minutes for the show to start. We were near the front, and most of the birds with starring roles are large birds, but sharp eyesight or good glasses will still enhance this experience for you.
The plot thickens
The outline of the show is a fun dialogue between a female scientist who studies birds and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the audience, and an old fashioned 'Dr. Livingston I presume' type explorer from the last century who just happens to be afraid of birds. This is a fun framework, but not the meat and drink of the show. They try to show birds doing some of their natural behaviors in the wild, balancing that with what the audience will enjoy seeing.A few of the most memorable moments
No audience could forget the singing parrot, who sings a couple of lines from a couple of different songs into the microphone, but this is just the beginning. They make the show fun for those seated in the back by having the birds fly through the audience at several different points. A fun variation of this is when a member of the audience holds out a dollar bill and a bird flies off the stage and takes it from the person's hand. Then the woman on stage asks who has a twenty. Then she says she was just kidding and has the bird return the dollar bill to the original owner. We see an owl (apparently a breed who doesn't mind daylight) and learn that while they're great hunters, they're apparently not all that wise in real life. We see larger birds walking around and interacting with the two humans onstage. This is one of the Disney shows where you can actually learn something as well as having fun. This isn't just individual birds either - at one point a whole flock flies at our poor frightened explorer. At the end of the show the audience can come and have a much closer look at some of the birds - depending on how crowded it is.
For the Birds
This show is for the birds in the best sense. You also learn a little bit about endangered species and conservation and what is being done to try and save and protect endangered and threatened species. I guess this part is a little sad, although we are making progress in some areas.

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