Wildlife Express Train

Ride the rails on this rustic African train that travels the savannah for a behind-the-scenes journey through several animal housing and care areas of the park. In just over five minutes, your guided train ride transports you to the core of the park's conservation center. All aboard!...
Animal Kingdom's Wildlife Express Train
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Wildlife Express Train
Hop on for a rustic train ride to Rafiki's Planet Watch. After exploring, reboard the train for a trip back to >Africa. Trains leave every 5-7 minutes.

Animal Kingdom - Wildlife Express to Conservation Station

Board a train at Harambe station for a behind the scenes tour. The train ride lasts about 5 1/2 minutes to Rafiki's Planet Watch. In route you will see where the elephants, rhinos and giraffes sleep at night

The Wildlife Express is a clever one sided open view train that focuses your view on the side of the track Disney wants you to see.  If you are in the back row of the train however, you can peer through the slats to see the back side of the animal kingdom.   There's not much to see there really but it is amusing how imagineers created an attraction to allow for maintenance areas and the like to remain "hidden".   Conservation Station provides a backstage look at the animal care operations center and conservation programs at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Type of attraction: train ride and exhibits
Our rating: 3 out of 4   Readers' Overall Rating: 2.3
Children: 3.3    Pre-teens: 2.0    Teenagers: 2.3
Young Adults: 2.3    Middle Aged: 2.2    Older Adults: 2.0

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